Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"kamag-anak incorporated"

i am the kind of person... who is not afraid of saying what i feel. it's hard to be in a place or situation where your actions are limited.

in my work place, being employed in a family owned corporation and being one of the so-called "kamag-anak incorporated"... people would say that i am lucky to be a part of this organization...i guess i was in a way. bcoz i gain "RESPECT" from those around me... but when you're stuck in the situation i'm in... all you can say is it's unfair! i cannot express my views on matters concerning their policies especially if they're beyond my principles... "Utang na loob" of hiring you...

honestly, i really don't like the idea of working here... my mom just forced me when i graduated BSC Major in Accounting in 1992 bcoz his cousin (my uncle) told her that they need an accounting staff very badly. it was so hard for me to accept i even quarreled with my mom since i don't want people to think that i was hired by the company not bcoz of my capabilities but bcoz i am a relative. i told my mom that i've graduated from a prestigious university (UST) and i know that i am competent enough to find myself a good paying job in other companies. and i am quite aware of the consequences i have to face when i accept to work for them. my lola (my dad's nanay) persuaded me to accept... i cried... but since i respect my lola (grew up with her) a lot and for her i reconsidered. (but i insisted of taking the exam and interview-don't want to be given special treatment here).

it was not an easy journey... there are a couple of gossips... intrigues that came along the way... being a newly grad ... "napakahirap"... my co-employees look at me from head to toe. i cried almost everyday when i get home from work. in the first few months i really wanted to give up. but my ate... told me that if i'd do that... i'll just show them that i am weak. from there i know i have to prove them wrong!

i have learned to love the work they gave me... cost accounting/costing. i have been handling it for 13 years already. honestly there is no problem with the work i handle and my co-workers now, but the situation i am in. there are things i wanted to say or point out but i can't. there are policies that i don't agree but i am not in the position to site my views. i know what will happen... i should side with the management....bcoz i am a "full-pledged kamag-anak! now i am doing a lot of thinking if i should stay. i know it took me 13 years... and there are a lot of things to be considered. esp. now its hard to find a descent job this days. but i hope i can hold on to this. they expect so much from me to the point that sometimes... i wanted to give up! (that is., giving me extra work aside from what i am assigned to me... and i have no choice...but to follow....haaay)

i just want the people to know that ... i don't use my "pagiging kamag-anak" in the office.... i don't ask special favors for myself...i know a lot of people would not believe this.. but its not my cup of tea... i want to work hard and be acknowledged bcoz of my ability.
a lot of people approach me for help and if they have favors to ask from the management... i tried to help in the best way i can...

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