Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello Kitty Toiletries♥

While shopping for toiletries the other day at Watsons, i passed by the racks ... full of Hello Kitty toiletries: such as Bath and shower gel, lip gloss, hand lotion and etc. which are really so cute!  I tried smelling the bath and shower gel - it's raspberry scent!♥  Of course I bought one and i also got the hand lotion! ;)

Hello Kitty Scribbles Bath & Shower gel
Hello Kitty Flower Collection Hand lotion with a small HK charm

Hello Kitty is everywhere this season... After the Forever 21 launch of the Hello Kitty Forever Collection, now Watsons is carrying its own HK Collection.  The toiletries are made in China and manufactured by The Beauty Care Corporation.  They carry wide range of Hello Kitty products, I was really amazed on the things that I saw on their Facebook account: Hello Kitty - Perfumes:Toiletries: Cosmetics.  I have learned that they don't only manufacture shower and bath gels they also have perfumes, cosmetics and other HBA products.  The Hello Kitty Flower and Scribbles Collection are the ones available at Watsons.  I hope Watsons will also bring their 2013 Hello Kitty Collection of Beauty Care Company here because they are really so cute!

Hello Kitty Boutique Collection

Hello Kitty Black Magic Collection
Photos are grabbed from: Hello Kitty.Diamond


  1. Just an update on this, you can already purchase all of this toiletries in Malaysia online from the official Malaysia distributor of Hello Kitty toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics from Sanrio Company Co., Ltd./Beauty & Care AG at

    1. Thanks for the info! Will check it!:)


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