Friday, December 07, 2012

My Hello Kitty Luxe Accessories Collection♥

 Hello Kitty items are really worth a fortune... They don't come cheap, we need to save money to be able to get one.  Since I am really into fashion accessories here are some my cherished HK luxe items.  Some of these are gift from friends, others i bought online especially the Tarina Tarantino Pink head collection.   When I first learned about Tarina Tarantino's Hello Kitty Pink head collection, I immediately visited her website: (Tarina Tarantino) and loved all of her collection (price ranges from $55.00 and up).    Here are some of my Tarina Tarantino Pink Head Collection. ♥

Pink Head Gothic Lolita Necklace (Pink) - my newest splurge!♥
Pink Head Mod Necklace - My First Tarina Tarantino Pink head necklace

Pink Head Extra Large Cameo Ring
Aside from my Pink head collection, I also have the following: Gift from my friend Myra from the US (who is a Hello Kitty fan as well).

Hello Kitty gem-studded locket♥

Since I am into designing and accessory making, I have my own Hello Kitty in my collection!♥  I was super inspired making them! Find them at Fabulousity by Chiq Santos♥

Gothic Hello Kitty Stretch bracelet♥

Gothic Hello Kitty stretch bracelet is made from black, gray and silver crystal with big black bow with gemstones.  The Hello Kitty charm is actually a locket.

Hello Kitty in Paris toggle bracelet♥
This is a three strand toggle bracelet made of assorted faux pearls in matte gold, black and beige, with various charms: crystal round bead, Eiffel tower and Hello Kitty locket (brass finish).

Hello Kitty Onch movement charm bracelet

When Forever 21 launched it's Hello Kitty Forever Collection, this bracelet caught my attention right away, unfortunately is was already sold out here (in all branches of FXXI) and even aboard.  I was luck enough to find one online and I am just waiting for it to arrive! ;)

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