Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jean Clarence Santos for Gingersnaps♥

Photo entries of my nephew Jean Clarence or Lance as we call him were already approved and uploaded on Gingersnaps model search site.  Actually this was Lance's second time to join an online contest.  The first was in 2010 where he won 2nd place but unfortunately it was a bogus Facebook site and we did not get the price.  We just tried it: to see if Lance has a chance to win on any online contest.  

Lance is a looker... every where we go he always catches the attention of people.  

Lance's winning picture at Baby Talk Contest in 2010
He's now 4 years old turning 5 on December.  He is a Star Pupil in his class: K1 - Starbright at Bright Star Learning Center in Marikina City.  At 2 he can finish a 15 piece puzzle, aside from that he loves reading.  
For toys: He loves Thomas the train, he enjoys constructing the wooden tracks by himself, Toy Story characters and at the moment Minions are his favorite.

Here are Lance's photo entries for Gingersnaps Model Search:  I just hope he will be chosen. :)

Preppy Look

Lance loves wearing his Fedora hat

Gingersnaps prepster

You may also vote for his photos by clicking this link: Jean Clarence F. Santos: Gingersnaps Model Search 2013 Entry

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