Monday, March 10, 2014

Fabulouschq meets StyLized♥

Finally I get to meet Miss Liz Uy... actually this was not my first encounter with her.  Few years back, i already met her in one of the events of Sta.Lucia: Victory Party when the realtors won the 2003 All-Filipino Championship. 

In her book signing at SM Podium last Saturday March 8... polished as she is, stunning in her white sleeveless top, teal / blue green trousers and black strappy sandals... (of course a Chanel bag to complete the look).  

Fabulouschq meets StyLized!♥ Got my book signed ... Short chat with her...(I told her that we already bumped into each in 2003)

Here's how our conversation goes:

Me: Hi Liz! We met each other before...
Liz: Hi! Oh where?
Me: In Sta.Lucia 
Liz: Sino kasama ko? (and gave me an intriguing smile..I know she already knew who I am talking about)
Me: (I'm really hesitant to say John Lloyd's name) Alam mo na yon! 
Liz: Si JL?
Me: Yah.. 
Liz:  Si Tita Mate...I'm still in touch with her and JL.

She's really down to earth... making chika as if we knew each other for a long time... :)  She even told Lance that "You're cute!" and made beso with him...

For somebody who loves styling... meeting one of the country's top style icon was something worth remembering! :)

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