Thursday, October 23, 2014

My first Bauble♥

I just can't remember the time when I learned about Bauble bar accessories haven in the USA.  All I know is that I have read this accessories boutique from Ms. Daphne's blog.  I visited their site and saw tons of gorgeous pieces.  I tried ordering from their online store but unfortunately they don't accept credit cards outside the US and they don't ship in the Philippines.  (I even messaged them to inquire and they were very accommodating and answered all my queries.)  But luckily I have a friend who resides in the US and was kind enough to purchase it for me (Thanks Aya!).  And last month I got a hold of my first Bauble necklace. 

Inca Priestess necklace in Hot pink and Mint
It was love at first sight when I saw this necklace online!  From $43usd I got this baby for only $18usd, really a good buy!

The necklace came: neatly wrapped with black and white tissue paper inside a black cloth pouch with Bauble bar print. I was so excited to open it!

Packaging with care instructions
 Here's my new baby: Inca Priestess necklace in Hot pink and Mint.  Made from high quality materials I am really impressed on how it looked! It was so fabulous! I love it!♥

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