Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ballet flats for me (at last)♥

I never wore flats ever since I started working in the 90's.  I love wearing sky high heels..(5 inches the highest I've tried) which often times my mom would tell me: Aren't you afraid of slipping? ("Hindi ka ba natatakot matalisod?") But as I grow older, oh well when I reached my 40's (two years ago):  (and when) I started experiencing back and leg pains I then realized and told myself "Maybe it's about time, I should limit myself in wearing high heels shoes."  Wearing high heels really helped me boost my confidence, improve my body posture and elongates my legs making it look longer and leaner.  And of course it really goes well with every outfit.  But I am afraid of developing bunion and hammer toe as well as deformity that may happen to my knee joints.  

Honestly, I can't really find the right "flat shoes" or "ballet flats" that will not hurt my leg and feet.  Since I am used in wearing heels it's really hard to shift from high heels to flat shoes.  And at the same time since I am a size 8 with wide feet I really don't like my feet looking like a "barko" (ship) which my Tita used to tell me (that is for having a wide feet).

Searching for the right one: Well I tried a lot of brands from high ends like Tory Burch and MK's to our local shoe brands (Janylin, Rusty Lopez, Primadonna). Found TB's Caroline flats very enticing but it's quite expensive Php12,250.00 at Rustan's department store (but of course that will still form part of my wish list).

On one of my malling days at Edsa Shang-rila: we went to CMG to look for a low cut boots for my niece,   there are a couple of ballet flats displayed:  so I tried on their foldable ballet flats...

CMG foldable flats in navy blue comes with a cute orange box

And next was history! (*wink) I totally LOVED it!♥  It's soft, lightweight and gorgeous. (Most importantly I fits my feet well without looking like a "barko" ...ahahaha)  It comes in variety of colors: Black, Royal blue, Navy blue, Silver, Gold, Red, Nude, Brown) and costs Php1,999.00.  It's not bad anymore as compared to the high end brands : It's stylish but definitely comfortable to wear.  Actually I bought 2 pairs the black and navy blue.  :)
Comfy and soft insole and elastic trim

Rubber soles

Happy feet!  Happy me! ♥

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