Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Boar: Year of the Wood Sheep♥

Chinese new year is just around the corner.  I am not a Chinese (but often mistaken as one: have those "Chinita" eyes) but I love reading and watching anything about Feng shui except the movie.  (I use it as a guide - "wala naman mawawala").  I admit I follow some of their traditions: like placing bowl of rice with amulets and coins on the eve of Chinese new year as well as placing pineapple and round fruits on the dining table, angpao envelopes, brass coins in my wallet and etc.  2015 is the year of the wood Sheep (8th sign in the 12 year cycle of animals in Chinese zodiac): I was born under the year of the Boar/Pig (Silver Metal Pig), I hope and pray that this will be a good year for me.

Year of the Sheep starts on February 19, 2015 up to February 7, 2016.  

I am not a Feng shui expert so I can only share things that I read and learned for those that were born under my sign.

To "Boars/Pigs" this will be a lucky year for us, so we must put our plan into action (Career-wise).  But we should avoid conflict at work.

Money: money luck is promising to us pigs.  Since we will do well on our careers of course financial benefit  will come after.

Health: We should also guard our health, we will be spending more time and energy on our careers we should also take care of ourselves.

Love:  Good relationship this year, singles (I guess that includes me..hehe) have great chances in meeting  someone.

I have already bought my lucky charms and amulets, re-energized my old ones "Auspicious Mirror" and "Mystic Knot" (for lucky), "Rhino and elephant" (for protection), and I always carry a "Medicine Buddha" card in my wallet for health.

Always remember that there are lucky charms that may be applicable to you last year but not in the coming year.  Like in the year 2013 I needed to have a Tai sui charm for protection.  This year those born in the year of the Ox and Rooster should carry those charms with them.  But there are also charms that you can use every year like the "Auspicious Mirror", "Mystic knot".  (I have learned about this from Ms. Marites Allen).

My new lucky charms this year were:

1. Power elephant with amulet wheel (for luck)
2. The Kalachakra Mandala mirror (for issues and accidents)
3. Bejewelled wishfulfilling horse  (for disappointments) : not in the photo
4. Year of the Boar Mirror (for luck)
Kalachakra Mandala mirror/Power elephant with amulet wheel/Year of the Boar annual Mirror)
Overall: (Applicable to all signs)

*De-clutter your home... Welcome the Sheep to your fresh and clean home.

*Place lucky bamboo, plants and flowers on your home and office work tables since Sheep loves grass and nature.  On one of the articles I read orchids is one of the lucky flowers this year as well as lilies, peonies and remember no roses please because it has thorns. 

*Lucky color for the year: Green

I use these charms, cures, beliefs as guides.  I am a very spiritual and prayerful person... I still believe that the Lord will always give us protection and blessings that we need in our everyday lives.

Marites Allen/World of Feng shui Philippines

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