Monday, August 17, 2015

Prayer petition at the Grotto♥

Blessed Monday to all!  I have always wished to go to Lourdes in France to see, experience and pray at the Grotto, well until now it's still a part of my wishlist. (Maybe soon..)  But praying and placing a petition to the Grotto, you can now make it online through this site: Website of the Sanctuary of the Our Lady of Lourdes.  Well I can't remember how I have learned about this website, but ever since that time I always visit it and place a prayer, even without asking for something.  The prayer petition you make / type on the site were taken and placed to the Grotto, and I can say it was very effective.  I have already shared this to my friends who were asking for prayers. 

Sorry for not sharing this right away... 

For those who have also wished to go to Lourdes in France and ask for petitions there or just say a little prayer there, but cannot afford it: this website is definitely a must visit one.

Tidbits: On the website, you may also place or light a candle at the Grotto, give donations, subscribe to their newsletter. They also have a Facebook page: Lourdes - City Church (in French)

Peace to all!


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