Monday, August 15, 2016

Hello Kitty Fruit Mart Collection x McDonald's Hongkong♥

When everybody's going ga-ga with the Pokémon Go last week. Me - I'm so excited with these Hello Kitties from Hongkong.  New addition to my growing collection! (*wink)

Last July, McDonald's Hongkong came up with this Hello Kitty Fruit mart collection: it's actually a crossover between Hello Kitty and other Sanrio Characters in fruits theme similar to the Hello Kitty Bubbly world Collection which was released by McDonald's Singapore in 2014 (which I am lucky enough to complete the set - Thanks to my friends based in SG). 

The Hello Kitty fruit mart collection consists of 6 mini plushies and comes with a special edition picnic bag, that is if you buy the whole set at HK$228.00.  

Each Hello Kitty dressed as a fruit and with other Sanrio Character's outfit:
  • Grape x Tuxedo Sam
  • Orange x Gudetama
  • Watermelon x KeroKeropi
  • Pineapple x Pompompurin
  • Apple x  Cinamonroll
  • Strawberry x My Melody

The mini plushie is individually packed in a carton crate.  I am just a lucky girl because my cousin Crissy was in Hongkong for a holiday when these cuties were on sale and she was able to get me the whole set. 

All plushies are adorable! My favorite? Though all of the are really cute - it's My Melody that i like most!♥

How about you? Which one is your fave?


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