Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Planner Story♥

Been to this planner thingy just this year... I am a craft and scrapbook enthusiast, but due to my busy schedule I need to put that aside for a couple of years.  Now am back to what I really love.  I realized that this is what really de-stresses me.  After all day numbers at work seeing cutie stickers and crafting supplies makes me giddy.

My current planner & DIY planner charm

 I do love collecting planners, but I don't really write on them... Starbucks planner collection (hihi) I just love seeing them piled up on my table.   At the moment I have 2 planners (used in planner decorating), one for work and the other an A5 Ever New Planner which I leave at my home.  Oh I have another one a Kate Spade Rose gold Wellesley.  

I am a little kuripot (miserly) when it comes to planner supplies, though I sometimes splurge on pens, but when it comes to stickers I just print those I find online.  That's why I love Pinterest so much! 

I also make my own planner tassels and paper clips. (*wink-wink)
The Little Twins Stars ribbon tassel is my first take in making a ribbon tassel.  But I have also did some made from yarn.

This coming month's Spread - it's Afternoon High tea time theme♥

Choosing the theme on my weekly spread really depends on my mood.  But if you browse the pages of my planner I am into pastels, pink, gold, bronze and of course Hello Kitty will always be present every time I do my planner photo shoot. :)

I am more of a minimalist when it comes to planner design, because I want to have more spaces to write on,  

How about you? What's your planner story?



Tibdits: If you want the planner tassel you can visit my online boutique to order: Fabulousity by Chiq♥

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