Monday, September 19, 2016

PCPH Planner Party 2016♥

It was my first time to attend a Planner party!  I never thought it will be that exciting.  I went to the party with my sister who is a planner enthusiast also like me.  Well we both like crafting, "art" runs in our blood... we breathe "art"! (Hahaha)  My ate (older sis) is a Fine Arts advertising graduate and me I'm a frustrated interior designer. (*wink!)  
Anyway, it was a great experience: meeting planner lovers like me.  After the registration attendees are given cutie charms with our names.  On the tables were loot boxes (for each of us) full of planner goodies from sponsors, and we're advised not to open them until the end of the party.

Vintage Theme - Planner design

We were divided into groups:  I am so happy with my group mates (it was the Best group ever!) - Des, Maricris, Christine, Nyds (my sis). We all have common interests aside from planning of course:  We're all into "vintage" themes.  On one of the fun games: the impromptu planner designing - We WON : The Best Planner design! ;)

Aside from that we (our group) also got major prices in the raffle.  Me - I got the one given my Deco Art, it includes one planner, planner pouch and 2 pens.  And I so love them! 

We are asked to bring exchange gift worth minimum of P200.00.  I got these from Ms. Joan (one of the organizers of the event).

These are the goodies inside the loot box!♥

Attendees are close to 50!  And everyone didn't go home empty handed...
Thanks to the admins of the PCPH - Planner Community Philippines for organizing this free event:
Joan, Rej, Rai, Janis 
To all the sponsors who gave the goodies and to Proud Cloud for letting us use their office.

'Til our next planner party!♥

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