Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Louis Vuitton Popincourt Tote♥

If you're a Louis Vuitton bag fan, I am sure you are familiar with "Popincourt" bag.  Louis Vuitton Popincourt bag was introduced years ago and was discontinued sometime early or late 2010.

These are the original version of the Popincourt bags: available in mini and large.

Like the first edition the Popincourt bags were released on their famous monogram canvas but unlike the old version with natural leather trims, they added some colors on the edges and handles.  They also added an extra pocket in front with a padlock, tag, keybell and a removable/adjustable strap (so you can carry it on your shoulders or crossbody.  

The full zip through bag have 2 side exterior pockets of easy access and the bottom features 4 studs so you can put down or place your bag anywhere worry-free.

It also comes in two sizes: PM 12.6" x 8.3" x 5.1" and MM 14.1" x 10" x 5.7".  PM sizes come in color - Marine, Raisin, Red and Taupe Glace, while the MM sizes are in Safran Imperial and Noir.

Price tag: PM $2,370 USD / MM $2,640 USD

Color: Marine

Color: Raisin

Color: Red

Color: Taupe Glace
Color: Safran Imperial

Color: Noir

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