Friday, August 31, 2012

 Chocolate moist and Red Velvet cupcakes for my nephew's christening last August 19, 2012...  For the chocolate moist cupcake i used butter cream frosting and cream cheese icing for the red velvet.

I used to make lemon chiffon cupcakes for special occasions but for a change i decided to make chocolate and red velvet.

I truly love red velvet, that's why i so glad that i was able to bake a perfect red velvet that really suits my taste!♥

And the guests loved it also! =)

Sad to say goodbye to multiply :( ...Hello again blogspot!

It's been a while since i last made my blog entry here in blogspot.  Since i have a couple of friends in multiply so i decided to regularly share my experiences, insights and etc. there.  Recently, multiply had informed us that they will be no longer support blogging, social networking & etc... there... Feel so sad since i have a lot of blog entries, photos there. 

Now i decided to go back and continue my account here in blogspot...

Well i guess its Au revoir, Multiply...

Bonjour, Blogspot!♥

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