Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September favorites♥

September is almost over!  It's been a very toxic month:  but I know it's only the start of busy days ahead - as the holiday approaches.  Now we're beginning to experience longer nights, but not too cool and chilly because El Niño starts October.  I was not able to share my accessory styling last month, well I was at the hospital, I need to take care of my Tita who was confined last week of August and she needs to stay with us in our home for while.  I am hoping that these last three months of the year will be a lot better than the last two months that passed (August and September).   

Want to share my September:  

After a long time I was able to go out and meet up with some of my friends.  I realized it's been a while.  It's hard if your close friends are no longer in the Philippines.  But every time they visit the country we make it a point to squeeze it in our schedules.  

Traffic is worst, so I just meet up with my friend Aya in a mall near our home: good thing we live in adjacent barangays.   

I got this pasalubong from her.♥

Last Friday, lunch date with my high school barkada at SM Mega Fashion hall.  Chikahan to the max!  Well it's been a while we really need to catch up on things.  Dolcelatte was the perfect place, perfect match : Good food x Great company!♥

Tita in our home, then barangay fiesta last September 22.  I was able to make the Traditional Embutido with the help of my cooking mentor - my Tita Linda.  The famous "white" embutido of my Tita.  I need to look for sinsal was lucky enough to find some at South Supermarket, Pasig.  Sinsal (pork lard leaf) is the original wrapper of the embutido.  I grew up watching my Tita and Lola make embutido using it, so I really wanted to learn how to make it the traditional way.  And it's a success! 

Mom's pork hamonado & Tita's Traditional white embutido

Then a new addition to my collection came... (*wink!)

My own Hello Kitty x Ladureé bag charm!  You can also view my Hello Kitty collection on Instagram : @hellokittychiq .

My current fave: Matte Oro Nate necklace.  One of the bestsellers in my Nate necklace line. 

Love, Love, Love! Stacking my Cartier love bangles. Always my #aotd ♥

I am back to bracelets designing and making... this is one of my recent creation. It's made from satin cords.  Will be sharing my other designs soon. 

And last, but certainly not the least: my new handy dandy lippy power bank.  I am not retiring my Hello Kitty power bank, I just need this when I am using a small bag or clutch.  

Here's the round up of my September... How about you? How was yours?  


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Beachkin bag: Kelly Jelly bag♥

The Beach + Birkin bag = Beachkin bag.  This is not a Hermés, this is a fun plastic tote that is waterproof.  Perfect for the beach and for rainy weather.  

Aside from you don't need to worry of making your bag and your things wet, the beachkin bag is very stylish and classy.

File photo of Kelly Jelly bag

I remember two years ago, I introduced a similar jelly bag in my online boutique and I named it Kelly Jelly bag.  

Now this time it's making a comeback as the Beachkin bag.  You may also get it from my online store on Instagram and Facebook and soon on Shopee!♥

Click here to view the Beachkin bags: Fabulousity by Chiq♥ - Beachkin bags


Saturday, September 26, 2015


Good food, great company!  Still can't get enough of our pigging out yesterday.  Oh, I met my high school barkada at Mega Fashion hall yesterday after almost a year.  Both of them are based abroad, Ruthie a consultant in Avon, Japan and Tweet is based in Guam and a FA in Continental micronesia.  One of the reasons why we get along - is our love for food. We craved for pizza and pasta: we had lunch at Linquini fini... and then dessert - my friend Ruthie suggested we try Dolcelatte at the 5th floor.  

I cook and bake, so I'm a bit hard to please when it comes to food.  Hmmm.. It was supposed to be dessert time!!! : but when my friend Tweet saw the mouth-watering pizzas on the menu, she insisted to order.  She told us that it was pizza she had in mind. (that she should've had earlier).

She ordered the Parma artichoke gourmet pizza: It's so good! (5 stars for this!)   We just had lunch but was able to finish 2 slices of this. 

With no hesitations... hahaha...
On thin crust : topped with parma ham, honeycured bacon, sundried tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts with artichoke

There's still room for DESSERT!  These are the cakes that we ordered.

Dark Valrhona crunch : one of their signature cakes (Ruthie's choice) : according to Ruthie she tried this already.  It was very rich and extremely dark... I love dark chocolate but I find this too strong, but it's good.  It's a perfect blend of valrhona chocolate and nutty hazel nut with crunch. (3.8 stars for this) 

Dark Chocolate truffle cake : (Our choice) The taste is so divine! Chocolate cake layers with dark chocolate frosting with truffle on top.  Dark chocolate is just right (not overpowering). (5 stars for this!)

Pistachio Caramel Blanco : (Our Choice) : Layers of chiffon and white chocolate crisp covered with cream cheese frosting, topped with pistachio nuts.  Very light, not too sweet... definitely a must try! (5 stars for this)

Red Velvet Cheesecake : (Our choice)  I love red velvet cake and cheesecake, so if you combine these two: Oh My Gee!  Little piece of heaven that will really put a smile on your face.  So heavenly... I so love it!  (5 stars also for this!)

Will definitely visit again! Can't wait to try the other food, pastries and cakes on their menu.     

Dolcelatte is located at:

*1616 Quezon Ave., South triangle, Quezon city Philippines
   Telephone number +632 4251313 local 109-110

*5th floor Bldg.B SM Mega Fashion Hall, Mandaluyong City

Til my next food adventure!♥


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Clinique superbalanced double face powder♥

Thanks to my BFF for this pasalubong! Yes, even though there are Clinique products available here in Manila: the shade that I am using is no longer available here.  After visiting Rustans department store and a couple of stand alone Clinique stores - "no success" in finding Matte Honey.  The sales associate told me that it was phased out already.  When I checked out the Clinique website : it is still available in the USA. 

And of course, my BFF to the rescue!  She got it from Macy's at $24.00 ($24.00 x P47.50), here double face powder is sold at P1,750.00.  (It's P610.00 cheaper when you buy it there.)  

Compact is still in iconic Clinique green and comes with a washable sponge.  

What I love about Clinique's superbalanced double face powder, aside from being hypoallergenic and really "hiyang" (suited) to my skin. It is a powder and foundation in one, full-(matte) coverage and it's long-lasting:  No touch ups needed.  You can use it as is or over-foundation finisher.  Me, I just use it after applying my moisturizer.  

I have been a Clinique user for years and I really love the product.  - Clinique, my favorite make up!♥

How about you? What's your favorite make up?


Friday, September 18, 2015

Hello Kitty x Ladurée key chain♥

At last - you're mine! (*wink)  My very own Hello Kitty x Ladurée key chain - it's limited edition and very rare.. (Ladurée Japan exclusive), I am just lucky enough to find one online (let's not talk about the price..hihi).  

It's a key chain but I am planning to use it as a bag charm, just like my other Ladurée macaron keychain.   It is gold plated: Hello Kitty,  triplet macarons and a Ladurée bag charms and comes with a Hello Kitty x Ladurée case or box.  It's super cute! I totally love it!♥  

Really a purrfect addition to my collection!♥


Wednesday, September 09, 2015

OPS!Boule bracciali♥


When I was first introduced to OPS!Objects bracelets by my friend who is now based in Milan, Italy - I fell in love with them right away.  The mildly scented, soft, lightweight velvety touch arm candy with heart charm ... who could not resist that. From their Love, Pois, Damier, Tresor Collection and etc.: Oops! I can go on forever. (hihi) Now comes OPS!Boule ROSE

source: OPS Objects

Inspired by sensations of spring in a romantic English rose garden: scented mini boule bracelets with a small rose bouquet in ten (10) candy colors.  You can wear it alone or be playful and pile them together.  What's the best thing with this bracelet is that you can resize them.  

Can't wait to get my hands on these cuties!  Unfortunately these babies are not available here in the Philippines.  Will probably ask my friend to buy them for me! (wink-wink)

This photo was taken at OPS store in Milan: Which color should I get? Hmmm... Eeny, meeny, miney, moe... 

Can you help me choose? 


Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Happy birthday, Mama Mary♥

SALVE REGINA, Mater misericordiae. Vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve. Ad te clamamus exsules filii Hevae. Ad te Suspiramus, gementes et flentes in hac lacrimarum valle. Eia ergo, Advocata nostra, illos tuos misericordes oculos ad nos converte. Et Iesum, benedictum fructum ventris tui, nobis post hoc exsilium ostende. O clemens, o pia, o dulcis Virgo Maria. 

Happy Birthday, dear Mother!  Please continue to bless me, my family and the whole world.
Thank you for everything! We love you dear Mother..♥

Fabulouschq Gift Card♥

Hello there Fabulous!

Send a gift of Fashion without leaving the comfort of your home.  Gift giving  has never been simpler.

Today my online boutique is launching: Fabulouschq Gift Card just in time for the holiday season.  These gift cards in P300.00, P500.00 and P1,000.00 denominations are now available on my Facebook: Fabulousity by Chiq♥ and Instagram account (@fabulouschq).  

Grab your gift card now!  All you have to do was to send me private message on facebook or a direct message on Instagram for details.

Happy Shopping!♥


Monday, September 07, 2015

Clinique Even better Powder make up♥

As we age our skin needs to be nourished and properly taken cared of.  I remember when I first had my job interview, the interviewer asked me if I don't really wear make up.  I am not really a make up person, but from that time I realized that we need to put a little on to make ourselves presentable,  battle oil and protect our face from the sun's harmful rays.  Not sure of what brand to get, because I am afraid that it might not suit my skin and give me breakouts.  My cousin from the US introduced Clinique to me, from that day: I am a Clinique user. I bought Clinique's double face powder in Matte honey and I loved it.  Used it for years... but recently that color was no longer available here in Manila.  Tried their other powder and liquid make up: Two years ago, the Clinique sales assistant introduced their Even better line to me.  I was really looking for something mild, long lasting and of course with SPF.  Since I still have my Clinique blended face powder, I opted to try Even Better liquid make up SPF15 in Sand and I liked it.  Even Better: evens, corrects skin tone and diminishes age spots.  

With my blended face powder saying Sayonara!  Went to Rustan's department store last weekend to buy a new powder make up, and since they no longer carry the double face powder in Matte Honey and the blended face powder too bulky:  impressed with the results of their Clinique Even Better liquid make up.  I bought Even better powder make up SPF25/PA++ refill (P2,050.00) + the double decker white marble compact (P800.00).

Clinique Even better powder make up SPF25/PA++ (in True Beige): Moderate to Full Coverage, it diminishes dark spots and skin discoloration and provides all-day coverage.  Every refill comes with a washable sponge.

The casing is sold separately, I chose the double decker white marble compact instead of the rectangular compact case. 

It has a satin finish, though honestly I am missing the matte finish of the superbalanced double face powder.  But it looks fresh and natural.  

Perfect when paired with Clinique Even better liquid make up or Etude house Minerals BB Cream.

Have you tried any Clinique products? Which one is your favorite? Tell me. :)

Friday, September 04, 2015

Co-ord Sets Trend♥


Go matchy matchy!  Coordinate set clothing: matching top and bottoms is totally a super convenient trend. (No need to mix and match pieces from your wardrobe)  This trend actually started last year but honestly, I am still completely obsessed with it. 

Here are some of my fave picks!  Check them out and tell me what you think.♥

Plains & prints: Taragarh C/S P1,398.00 & shorts P1,198.00
Zara: Printed top P2,295.00 & A-Line skirt P2,295.00
Mango: Cotton striped top P2,250.00 & shorts P2,250.00
Mango: Floral print top P2,250.00 & Decorative leggings P3,250.00
Mango: Star pattern top P1,950.00 & shorts P1,950.00
Zara: Denim top Px,xxx.xx & culottes P2,595.00
Zara: Printed top P2,295.00 & Loose fit trousers P2,595.000
Plains & prints: Albert hall S/L top P1,298.00 & Jaipur skirt P1,598.00
Zara: Jacquard waistcoat P4,995.00 & cropped trousers P2,995.00
Zara: Printed Kimono P2,995.00 & Jacquard Bermudas P2,295.00

(Photo credit: Mango, Plains & prints and Zara)

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