Monday, October 23, 2017

Hello Kitty Run Manila 2017♥

Last Saturday, was my first fun run!  I joined the Hello Kitty Run Manila which was held at SM By the Bay, SM MOA Complex.  It was a "so-so" event.  Though it was nice to see a sea of Pink people at the Starting line I find the event disorganized.  Maybe I have expected too much!  

When I first heard about the fun run I was so excited and googled previous Hello Kitty run held in other Asian countries.  The run is a bit pricey at P1,350.00 (Early bird) , P1,500.00 (Regular rate) and P1,800.00 (Late registration), but I was really determined to go.  Come July, I registered and opted for delivery instead of pick up (to avoid the hassle of going to MOA since I live quite far from the place).  According to the HK run manila website that they will start shipping the race kits starting September 15.  On October 2, I received an email informing me about the delay in the shipping and the drawstring bag will be given out on the day of the run with lots of surprises and freebies inside, which made me more excited. 


October 3 & 5 : I received 2 separate emails for those who opted for race kit pick up, changes in schedule and etc.  It's a good thing I chose my race kit to be delivered.

October 6th, the happy mail came - Hello Kitty singlet and bib... ♥   

October 20 : I received Event handbook thru email.  So ready to run!

October 21st : The Big HELLO KITTY Day!♥

Left home 3:30am because I am in Wave 1 and the gun start is at 5:15am, we arrived 4:15am at MOA.  We (I took my nephew with me) proceeded at the starting point right away and since there is no line yet on the registration booth where the drawstring bags are being released, we're able to get ours.  To my dismay (though I really don't want to ruin my day) when I looked at what's inside it's only a yogurt, 2 pieces of Hello Kitty sanitary pads and a gift certificate from Hello Kitty Cafe for 1 free latte.  That's it?!

There was a short program before the gun start:  3 mins Zumba to stretch our muscles and Hello Kitty appeared to greet the Wave 1 runners!

 At gun start : there was a confetti shower that marked the start of the run... here we go!

When we got our finisher medals we went back inside the event's place, there's a Hello Kitty food truck... 

We didn't have a chance to try the food because the line is too long.  As well as the lines on the other booths.  My nephew was already tired, hungry and it rained so we decided to go home. So I wasn't able to buy any souvenir merchandise.  

It was a great experience for both of us (we finished the 5K run)... but I am quite disappointed with the freebies.  I hope the organizers do better next time. It was really way below our expectation. 

We just rewarded ourselves with a hefty breakfast at Italiannis at BCG!♥

Friday, October 20, 2017

Vice Cosmetics - Good Vibes Matte Lipstick♥

I've been into lippies lately... I don't know why.  Maybe because I am still in search for the perfect nude for me...  For the first time I will be trying a local brand..  Yes, you heard me right! It's my first time to try... It's not that I am not proud of Philippine made products, it's just that I don't really buy make ups - most of my cosmetics were gifts from friends and relatives from the US, so I am not used to local brands, but I have already tried Avon and Nichido eyeliners.  Actually the case really caught my attention - I love it : it's hot pink!♥

While going around Watsons near my office I saw a kiosk of Vice cosmetics...(curious of course) of all the shades of course I had to go with this - Hayabayabayu (a little hard to pronounce) it's a soft peachy nude shade under it's Good Vibes Matte lipstick collection.  

I am not into matte lipsticks but according to it's website that it's a "matte lipstick that will not dry your lips" , so let's see.  It's vanilla scent which I like not overpowering - the scent it just right.  It's creamy, pigmented and lightweight.  There are 8 available shades at P195.00 each so it's very affordable.

Vice Cosmetics is owned by Vice Ganda which has a tag line "Ganda for all" to view the other products you can visit it's website: Vice Cosmetics Ph ♥

Update: I used it yesterday: applied Colourpop primer first then the lippy... so far so good it worked - it didn't dry my lips.  :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What's in my mind: October 18, 2017♥

Is it the hormones that's causing this? haha... I am completely aware that you/I cannot really please everybody, but yes there are times that you/I feel things that would somehow make us feel down.  I guess it's a natural feeling...when you felt that you have given your best, but your best wasn't good enough for other people... 

In a world ruled by two kingdoms, though you will not see the invisible antipathy between them but the people around them suffers.  Sometimes you feel it's totally unfair, when you have an umbilical connection with one kingdom and this has been affecting your growth.

Deep breathing...

Closed my eyes....

Said a prayer...

And think of all the blessings from the Lord... and gave myself a nudge 
and told myself... everything will be okay.♥ 

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Road trip to Rizal♥

I don't often go out on long road trips, but I realized doing it once in a while to escape the hustle and bustle of the city : is a stress reliever.  

Sound tripping while traveling is the best : "Sa umaga't sa gabi sa bawat minutong lumilipas.. hinahanap kita..." And then you found yourself singing also...

Seeing all things green is really very relaxing : trees and mountains that you don't commonly see in Manila. One and a half hours drive from Cainta to Antipolo, Cogeo, Marikina (upper), Baras, Tanay and Morong Rizal.

Had lunch at Paseo Rizal Mayagay in Morong Rizal before we head back home...

Paseo Rizal is a restaurant with a breathtaking landscape and a homey ambiance.  It houses quite a number of artworks...

We were welcomed with a free appetizer - singkamas with bagoong... (that reminded me of my Lolo Guiling because it's his favorite).

We had chicken wings, lechon kawali and chopsuey - from their wide range of homegrown Filipino cuisine.  I love their crispy kangkong also which was served with the lechon kawali.

Of course there is always room for dessert! Had Turon ala mode which is so good!♥

Snapshots from Paseo Rizal

Until my next travel adventure!


Friday, September 08, 2017

Happy Birthday Dear Mother♥

Happy birthday Mama Mary!♥
Thank you for all the blessings you have given me and my family...
Please continue protecting all of us!

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Louis Vuitton Popincourt Tote♥

If you're a Louis Vuitton bag fan, I am sure you are familiar with "Popincourt" bag.  Louis Vuitton Popincourt bag was introduced years ago and was discontinued sometime early or late 2010.

These are the original version of the Popincourt bags: available in mini and large.

Like the first edition the Popincourt bags were released on their famous monogram canvas but unlike the old version with natural leather trims, they added some colors on the edges and handles.  They also added an extra pocket in front with a padlock, tag, keybell and a removable/adjustable strap (so you can carry it on your shoulders or crossbody.  

The full zip through bag have 2 side exterior pockets of easy access and the bottom features 4 studs so you can put down or place your bag anywhere worry-free.

It also comes in two sizes: PM 12.6" x 8.3" x 5.1" and MM 14.1" x 10" x 5.7".  PM sizes come in color - Marine, Raisin, Red and Taupe Glace, while the MM sizes are in Safran Imperial and Noir.

Price tag: PM $2,370 USD / MM $2,640 USD

Color: Marine

Color: Raisin

Color: Red

Color: Taupe Glace
Color: Safran Imperial

Color: Noir

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Know your bag♥


Transferring to a new office is really very tiring.  Well, after a year of waiting we (our department) is now settled in our newly renovated office space (making me more excited to work...)

Anyway, I really wanted to right something about "bags".  I love bags more than shoes... Yes, I am a bagaholic! *wink!  

Let me ask you first, do you know what kind of bag are you carrying?  We often come across these kinds of bag - hobo, satchel, bucket, tote and etc but not all of us know which one is which...All we know is that: it's a bag right?! 


Bucket bag : as the name suggests it looks like a bucket, open top and round bottom often times it's drawstring enclosure.  These bags are also available in form of a backpack.  Though bucket bags has been present back then.  It recently became a trend when Mansur Gavriel came up with their minimalist bucket bag with detachable wallet and adjustable strap.  


Hobo bag : is an unstructured bag, generally large with rounded bottom.  It's shape is like a crescent moon or a croissant. 


Satchel bag : unlike a hobo bag, a satchel is structured (they can stand on their own).  They are often with a strap worn across the body.  Satchels are very similar to messenger bags which you can also carry diagonally across the body.


Bowler/Bowling bag : a dome-shaped satchel, is originally made to hold a bowling ball, until it became a fashion item.  One of the popular bowlers is Goyard's St.Jeanne. 


Doctor's bag : traditionally is a duffel-shaped satchel with two top handles used to carry medical items.  Louis Vuitton Speedy bag is one of the classic and very popular doctor's bag to date (that every woman should own).


Tote bag : is one of the versatile bags one can own - it's large, roomy unfastened bag with two handles.  It's a Go-bag that you can use everywhere and it is also used in carrying packages. 

Shopper's bag : one of the popular tote. It is shaped like a big plastic or paper bag used in carrying your purchases.  Popular shopper totes were Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Goyard St.Louis and Faure Le Paige shopper tote.

Shoulder bag : is a bag with a strap that you can carry over your shoulder.  Chanel flap bag is one of the popular shoulder bags.  


Sling bag : a small bag with long strap similar to a messenger bag.


Minaudiere : is generally considered a jewelry piece.  It's a small decorative bag embellished with metal, semi-precious stones and beads.


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