Saturday, March 01, 2014

Review: StyLized by Liz Uy♥

I was so excited to have a copy Liz Uy's StyLized book so I posted a photo on my Facebook and Instagram: A lot of my friends started asking me how do I find the book? So I decided to write a review.

Story begins here:  I wasn't able to grab a copy on the day that Miss Liz Uy launched this at Glorietta, so my copy's unsigned... but I am hoping to go to her SM Podium book signing scheduled on March 8... (Got it at NBS-Super branch in Cubao: two weeks after the book was released since it's out of stock when I went to National Bookstore in Robinson's Magnolia). 

The book is very helpful especially to beginners... who really wanted to know what best fits their body type, personality and age... Styling is not new to me... I love it and most of my cousins and friends often seek my advice on what should go with this and that...(I'm flattered)  I finished the book i think 3 to 4 hours...with 100 pages of style info... Liz's 10 style essentials best fits every Pinay...For other style reference: I also have Nina Garcia's "The One hundred" but of course some of the things there are not suitable for our country's weather... The StyLized book is like you're browsing pages of fashion magazines... rolled into one. 
This is what you will see when you open the book...

All chapters feature a celebrity: having different personalities and body type...

Celebrities that represent each chapter

Secrets of hiding flaws and flaunting one's assets!

Accessorizing! How to incorporate accessories (especially as we age) to the outfit without over accessorizing which sometimes lead to someone looking like a walking jewelry box or Christmas tree.

When to let go of things: worn-out tops and bottoms... and reinventing them...

Perfect fit:  Ideas on how a particular outfit should fit: like pencil skirts or leggings should not be too tight or too lose...

Power dressing for every occasion: What is a Yay ot Nay..When to dress up or down... (Work or office styling, Gimik with friends and etc.) Do's and Don'ts of what to wear...
Wild card styling... Out of the box styling or out of our comfort zones...  :)

Ways of taking care of our most cherished outfits and accessories...

I give this book 5 stars! Very informative for every girl... (fearless Pinays in particular) who wants to learn about fashion and styling... Really a good style book reference! Excellent from cover to cover!(and you will start wishing for more tips) ♥

My own styling tips:  Creating your own personal style... if you're not comfortable in with an outfit, don't wear it! (Just because it's "uso")  Your awkwardness will definitely show.  If you FEEL what you're wearing... you will definitely look amazingly great and stunning!  One important thing to remember: Styling should not be expensive... Mix your old, with a new (I do this all the time)!   Invest on classic outfits and accessories...

Don't copy one's style... create your own... that's how people will remember you...

Happy Styling!♥ xoxo

You can follow Miss Liz Uy on Instagram: @lizzzuy

Book Price: P395.00
Publisher: Summit Media
You can find it at all National Bookstore (in Watsons Sta.Lucia also)

Updates: You may now download a digital copy of the book at buqo digital bookstore, just download buqo app on app store. Price: $8.99


  1. It is heavily advertised talaga and I mostly see this in blogs too. And that made me buy this after many hesitations. I don't know Liz Uy but surprisingly my simple friend knows her. Reading this will not take long.

    (" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana ")


    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting and reading my blog entry. I met her last March 2014 on her book signing: . She's really down to earth. Hope you can follow me. ♥
      Will visit your blog... TC!


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