Wednesday, December 26, 2012

From MNG Year-end Sale

I just want to share some of the items I got from this year's MNG sale.  

Got this to match my paisley print trouser, i wore this on my K-POP Company Christmas Party! 

Very comfi trouser... it also comes in beige and olive green.

For the tops these are what I got!

For the accessories I got this belt and a chunky toggle bracelet from Mango touch.

As you can see, NO bags for me on this sale... I have splurge for a couple of bags this my hands are tied for bag-shopping.. (*wink)

I know there are still a lot of items... but i am too busy, i just hope there are still more amazing items left when the sale goes to up to 70% off!

Photos are grabbed from Mango website

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas won't be the same

Taken last year - December 25, 2011
We often spend our Christmas and New year's day  at my grandparent's home in Pasig... With the usual reunion, get together, "kainan" and exchange gifts with the family, cousins, titos, titas, aunts and uncles...I know this year will be a lot different for all of us.  In 1996 is our first Christmas without Lolo, now this year 2012 without our Lola.  But I know they are both in heaven and will be watching over us.  

With all the festivities of this season... behind every smile, laughter... deep in my heart i still grieve for your passing... but I know i have to accept it and move on...

Lolo Guiling and Lola Luming ... Merry Christmas! I miss and LOVE you both po!♥♥♥

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mango Year-end sale!

This is what I am waiting for: Mango Year-end sale! Yipee!  I have been a Mango addict since they opened their store in Edsa Shangrila Mall.  I even gained a couple of friends there... (even if they were no longer connected with Mango we still get in touch).

I love Mango's style:  it really suits my taste.

I could not wait to visit the store after work today!  Good thing i have my RCBC Mango card, today is still exclusive for RCBC cardholders.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SQuare RooT Gang♥

High school life, on my high school like... every memory kay ganda... 

Retro photo taken in my room a year after we graduated from high school
2010 meet up with Rowie, Marife and Lanie

Birthday lunch with Tweet & Ruthie - January 2012
June 2012 meet up: Ruthie, Tweet, Rowie, Marife and Silvia
December 2012 meet up with Marife, Lanie & Ruthie

One of the happiest and most memorable experience I had and I bet every person in this world also have his or her own share of a wonderful high school memory... all the craziness, laughter and tears...

Our high school friends are like sisters or brothers to us... since we grew up together...  

Thanks to Facebook, those we haven't gotten in touch with for a long time ... were finally found... (1 na lang).

We do have meet ups... but we're not complete... we've always longed for it, but i know soon we'll all be together - our barkada: The Square Root Gang! Tweet, Lanie, Rowie, Ruthie, Marife, Silvia, Elvira and Chiqui ♥

Disney Christmas at SM Mega mall

Mickey & Minnie mouse Christmas Tree

 My nephew Lance is really a big fan of Mickey Mouse and the gang.  He never missed to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney channel.  Very timely when we went to SM Mega mall they have this Disney display.  He enjoyed having snapshots with his favorite character.

With Mickey & Minnie mouse

Lance with Donald Duck
With Daisy Duck

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gift Ideas for your Little Princess♥

Gift Idea#3 - gift guide for your Little Princess.  She can be your daughter, niece or pamangkin, god daughter or inaanak.  Make her feel sooo special with these super cute items from Little Fab Closet-Fabulousity by Chiq Santos♥


Friday, December 07, 2012

My Hello Kitty Luxe Accessories Collection♥

 Hello Kitty items are really worth a fortune... They don't come cheap, we need to save money to be able to get one.  Since I am really into fashion accessories here are some my cherished HK luxe items.  Some of these are gift from friends, others i bought online especially the Tarina Tarantino Pink head collection.   When I first learned about Tarina Tarantino's Hello Kitty Pink head collection, I immediately visited her website: (Tarina Tarantino) and loved all of her collection (price ranges from $55.00 and up).    Here are some of my Tarina Tarantino Pink Head Collection. ♥

Pink Head Gothic Lolita Necklace (Pink) - my newest splurge!♥
Pink Head Mod Necklace - My First Tarina Tarantino Pink head necklace

Pink Head Extra Large Cameo Ring
Aside from my Pink head collection, I also have the following: Gift from my friend Myra from the US (who is a Hello Kitty fan as well).

Hello Kitty gem-studded locket♥

Since I am into designing and accessory making, I have my own Hello Kitty in my collection!♥  I was super inspired making them! Find them at Fabulousity by Chiq Santos♥

Gothic Hello Kitty Stretch bracelet♥

Gothic Hello Kitty stretch bracelet is made from black, gray and silver crystal with big black bow with gemstones.  The Hello Kitty charm is actually a locket.

Hello Kitty in Paris toggle bracelet♥
This is a three strand toggle bracelet made of assorted faux pearls in matte gold, black and beige, with various charms: crystal round bead, Eiffel tower and Hello Kitty locket (brass finish).

Hello Kitty Onch movement charm bracelet

When Forever 21 launched it's Hello Kitty Forever Collection, this bracelet caught my attention right away, unfortunately is was already sold out here (in all branches of FXXI) and even aboard.  I was luck enough to find one online and I am just waiting for it to arrive! ;)

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Fab Chiq goes to OZ

Fabulousity by Chiq Santos♥ is going down under! Though I have friends who purchase my items for their personal use or give them as pasalubong to their friends abroad (United Kingdom, United States), but now my items will be traveling to Australia.  I am really excited about this, it's my first international shipment because I only do domestic: I just wish this will be a start of something BIG next year! (*wink-wink)

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Winter 2012 Couture headband Collection♥

Cotton candy headband - Winter 2012 Couture Collection

Peppermint Twist Headband - Winter 2012 Couture Collection
Pastels and greens to end the year!  For your little fashionistas: Little Fab Closet offers fabulous handmade headbands.  Little Fab Closet is an extension of Fabulousity by Chiq Santos♥ that carries fashion accessories for your little princess.
The unique and glamorous pieces are exclusively available at my online shop:View and SHOP the 2012 Collection

Monday, December 03, 2012

Gift Ideas for your SISSY♥

Here are some gift ideas for your sister! (Or for your BFF or girl friend who is like a sister to you)  You can find all these items at my online shop: Fabulousity by Chiq Santos♥

There also a lot of fabulous items available in my shop!♥

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Christmas is just around the corner!  I'll be sharing my gift ideas for moms, mothers, nanay, mama... whatever we call them.  For our stylist, fashionista or even our simple mommies... give a gift of fashion, for sure they'll love it! 
All items are available at my online store at: Fabulousity by Chiq Santos♥ feel free to visit it anytime... 
This is the part#1 of my gift ideas... watch out for more!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Organize your accessories

I am super OC when it comes to organizing and arranging my things.  I want all of them in a proper place, nicely, neatly stored.  Sometimes i do it by color, kind or brand... but that really depends.

Since I love fashion jewelries or accessories... i really have tons of them at home... to make them always looking like new, and to be able to locate them right away when i need to use them... I really make it a point to store them properly.  I usually put away and keep those which are not in season. 

Stack-able acrylic containers for my bracelets, chain necklaces or anything that would fit in it.  I usually stack together bracelets by kind or brand.  For the necklaces I do it by color: if it's gold or silver finish.

Bangles/cuff bracelets goes to this small plastic crate its also stack-able.   I put them inside organza pouches or zip lock bags so they will be protected from dust.  I have a plastic chopsticks container I also use it for storing my other bangles and cuffs, pasta jars or paper towel holder is also a great alternative in stacking your bangles and cuff bracelets.

I'm not so fetish on earrings... often times i get irritations on my ears when i use them (not real gold earrings), so as much as possible i really refrain from using them.  For the few pairs of earrings I have, my friend gave me this Hello Kitty earrings organizer i just hang them there, or if the earrings comes with the box I just leave it there as is.

For my bead necklaces i hang them in this small black polka dots mannequin organizer with rotatable hooks. 

Rings my LOVE! Aside from bracelets...i really love rings... I bought this black suede ring organizer... I enjoy arranging this from time to time! ♥

They say they aren't real... yes, but some of them costs a fortune also... that is why we should take care of them, and make them looking like new always.

Here are some ideas for organizing your jewelry be it real or just an accessory: I often search and browse online to find new and exciting organizing tips, most of the time i pin it on my pinterest account.

1. Vanity mirror jewelry organizer: (I am meaning to get this one!) It's on sale now on Groupon at P4,699.00 (Original value P7,000.00) comes in white, dark walnut, cherry wood, black or pink.

2. Frame jewelry organizer: Use this for organizing your earrings and necklaces - either by putting hooks, chicken wire, strings across, or you can even put a cork board and use pins to hang them.  It will also be a nice decor for your wall.

3. Wine bottles bracelets organizer: Just stack your bracelets, bangles or cuffs on your empty wine bottles.  Looks really good right?!

4. T-bar jewelry display organizer: Synthetic leather T-bar jewelry display organizer, we often see this on jewelry shops (also available in suede material).  You can use this for bracelets, bangles and even for your watches. I have one like this at home.
5. Small porcelain bowls and saucers: Align different designs of small porcelain bowls or saucers in your drawer to keep or organize your rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches and other small accessories.  You can also use melawares there are a lot of nice designs you can choose from  and you can find at the houseware section of any department store.
6. Ice cube tray: Use this for your small accessories: bracelets, rings, earrings and brooches. Stack them inside your drawer for a multilayer alternative jewelry organizer. (Aside from accessories you can also use this for buttons, pins, threads and etc. that can fit its compartment)  You can also find ice cube trays with cover.

For more storage finds: You can visit the following shops:
  •  Howards Storage World-Philippines their store is at the 6th Level of Shangrila Plaza Mall other stores are at Robinsons Place Manila and Greenbelt 5;
  •  Japan Home / Daiso - For low-priced storage containers usually costs between P66.00 to P88.00 per piece - stores are found in various malls here in Metro manila;
  • Saizen - same as Japan Home or Daiso - shops are located in Robinsons Malls.
Credits: Some of the photos are grabbed online mostly from Pinterest.

Happy Organizing!♥

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello Kitty Christmas at The North♥

I feel I am 8 years old again! At last I was able to visit the Hello Kitty Village at The Block-SM North Edsa.  I was meaning to see the exhibit... And when I got there it was really fulfilling. ;)  Seeing the little houses with decors and cute Hello Kitty items... I love it!♥  (Sorry for the blurred photos... i forgot to bring my camera... i just used my phone's cam to take the photos)

Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty Mainhall

Hello Kitty Cake shop

Hello Kitty Activity Hall

Hello Kitty Cake shop by Bread talk
The exhibit opened last November 10 and will run until January 6, 2013. There are also other Hello Kitty activities there like Meet & Greet, HK Luxe Collection exhibit and others... So if you're an avid fan, collector of Hello Kitty... this is a must see exhibit!

Hello Kitty Toiletries♥

While shopping for toiletries the other day at Watsons, i passed by the racks ... full of Hello Kitty toiletries: such as Bath and shower gel, lip gloss, hand lotion and etc. which are really so cute!  I tried smelling the bath and shower gel - it's raspberry scent!♥  Of course I bought one and i also got the hand lotion! ;)

Hello Kitty Scribbles Bath & Shower gel
Hello Kitty Flower Collection Hand lotion with a small HK charm

Hello Kitty is everywhere this season... After the Forever 21 launch of the Hello Kitty Forever Collection, now Watsons is carrying its own HK Collection.  The toiletries are made in China and manufactured by The Beauty Care Corporation.  They carry wide range of Hello Kitty products, I was really amazed on the things that I saw on their Facebook account: Hello Kitty - Perfumes:Toiletries: Cosmetics.  I have learned that they don't only manufacture shower and bath gels they also have perfumes, cosmetics and other HBA products.  The Hello Kitty Flower and Scribbles Collection are the ones available at Watsons.  I hope Watsons will also bring their 2013 Hello Kitty Collection of Beauty Care Company here because they are really so cute!

Hello Kitty Boutique Collection

Hello Kitty Black Magic Collection
Photos are grabbed from: Hello Kitty.Diamond

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