Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Louis Vuitton Nano bags♥

Few weeks ago, I went to Louis Vuitton store in Greenbelt 5 to get my Damier Speedy 30 checked.  While waiting for the SA this cutie bag caught my eye.  The Alma Nano.♥  Actually there are other teeny tiny bags on the shelves but I opted to check this one.  I asked the SA's permission if I could take a photo of the bag.  It was so tiny: so if you're using an iPhone 6 or 6+, this is not the bag for you.  It can only fit an iPhone 5 / 5S or any small mobile phone, a lippy and a small purse. The price? It's Php55,000.00.

I am a fan of huge bags, because I carry lots of stuff, but small or tiny bags are now invading the "bag world".  Sometime last year I shared my insights about the Alma Epi BB and other Mini bags, really love that bag (wishlist) but of course it is Louis Vuitton, so it's not cheap: it costs around Php66,000.00.  

Bag trends from micro, mini and now -- Nano!

source: Google

Louis Vuitton unveiled their Nano Collection early this month (Fall/Winter 2015).  The Collection features the downsized version of their classic pieces. (Left to Right) Pallas Nano, Turenne Nano, Lockit Nano, Alma Epi Nano, W Nano, Noe Nano and Speedy Nano.  Each bag has its leather strap and comes similar colors as the bigger ones.

I really get so giddy... every time I talk about bags. (*wink!)

My personal take: Super cute but not really practical.  My choice is still the Alma BB!♥

What do you think of the Nano bag?  Tell me which one is your favorite!


Monday, July 27, 2015

Plains & Prints: Palace of Kings Collection♥

Let's celebrate with Plain & Prints' 20th Anniversary in Style!  Got so lucky last Saturday (P&P Preview at Glorietta 1), I was able to get what I wanted.  The Jaipur blouse (P1,398.00) and Taragarh skirt (P1,598.00) from the 20th Anniversary Collection of Plains & Prints. That's the first outfit (left) that Anne is wearing on the photo.  I loved it, super!♥ 

On their 20th anniversary they collaborated with the premiere Pinoy photographers: Mark Nicdao (Palace of Kings Collection) and Wig Tysmans (Photographic Memories Collection).  

Palace of Kings showcases Mark Nicadao's photographs during his travel in India: it's culture, architecture. 

Photographic Memories by Wig Tysmans shows the beauty of Baguio in the late 70's and early 80's.
The Palace of Kings is now available in stores nationwide and on their website:

What are you waiting for?  Go the nearest store or you can shop online. 

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fashion trends: Fall / Winter 2015♥

Hello fashionistas! As you all know I love researching and reading anything about fashion.  I really see to it that I get myself updated on the upcoming trends for the next season.  This also helps me in sourcing the items for my online boutique.  And of course this is my stress buster. 

Here are the upcoming trends for Fall/Winter 2015:  Colder months mean: more dramatic, bold, subtle colors.  Thicker fabrics, coats, jackets and etc.

  • Carwash pleats: the new way to show off your legs. 
source: ELLE

  • Fur sleeves :

  • Neo Victorian : Victorian influences for Fall 2015 - High collars, ruffles, precious fabrics and dramatic silhouettes.
    source: Alexander McQueen/Vogue

  • The Slip dress : This became popular in the 90's (and now making a comeback this 2K15).  Slip dress is a women's dress, traditionally bias cut with spaghetti straps that resembles like an underslip or petticoat. 

source: Salvatore Ferragamo/Vogue

  • Statement White Blouse : Going back and embracing the classic!
source: Chanel/Vogue

  • Chic Patchwork : Not done with the 70's vibe yet.  Patchwork textures gave a major impact on the Fashion week runway. 

  • The Pantsuit : Actually this look never goes out of style.  The key point here is to have a good tailoring or it will be a fashion no-no.  


  • Eastern Influence : The trend is going East for autumn, ancient Chinese prints and silhouettes. 

source: Valentino/Vogue

  • High-waist pants : Waists going higher and higher, this highlights the midriff and elongates the legs.  Best worn with tucked in flowy blouse and cropped jacket.


  •  Code RED :  With the Eastern influence in fashion, of course color red will definitely dominate the signature palette for the season.  


  • Luxe Shine : Glitters and sparkles adorns the most basic silhouettes for Autumn, better way to catch the attention, right?

source: Tod's/Vogue

  • Brocades : Brocade is a class of a richly decorative woven fabric, often made in colored silk with or without gold and silver threads. The brocade was given a fresh and new look for 2015.


  • The New Plaid : Reinventing the classic plaid for Autumn 2015.  Re-imaging the pattern into different ways.


  • Frosty Pastels :  Going dainty for Winter 2015.  Pastels makes the cold season more sweet and charming: in the shades of pale pink, blue and lavender.  This is in contrast with the usual winter colors that are on the darker hues.


  • Velvet : Re-introducing velvet in 2015! The most touchable fabric getting a makeover this coming Autumn. 

source: Sonia Rykiel/Vogue

  • Floor duster Coats :  Well I need not elaborate on this... Floor length coats were the hemlines almost touches the ground. 

source: Chloé/Vogue

Well my take on trends every season: I only choose those that will suit me and my personality.  I need not buy new things or stuff, as I have mentioned on my previous posts I always mixed old or classic pieces with the new.

Always remember that you should "feel" what you're wearing... if you are not comfortable (or awkward),  it would probably show and that is a major disaster.  Know your body type: don't wear ill-fitting clothes, it's better to enhance your assets and hide your flaws. And lastly, always look at yourself in the mirror, take a deep breath and say... "You can do this girl, you are beautiful inside out!"


Monday, July 20, 2015

Plains & Prints: Pre Fall 2015 Preview♥

source: Plains & Prints

4 days to go before the Plains & Prints Pre Fall 2015 Collection preview at Glorietta 1, SM Bacolod and online via their official website featuring The Photo-Fashion Collection their collaboration with Mark Nicdao and Wigs Tysmans.  Since they are celebrating their 20th year, Plains & Prints will present a different collaboration (they usually have collabs with well-known local fashion designers: Rajo Laurel, Rhett Eala and etc.) : Fashion and Photography.

I am super dee dooper excited for this event that will start on Friday.  I can't wait to get my hands on that printed skirt and the top of course... (*wink) 

See you on Friday!♥


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Oh Hello my Kitties!♥

They're finally here!!!  All the way from Indonesia - Hello Kitty plushies dressed in Mcdonald's characters: Ronald, Hamburglar, Birdie and Grimace.  You can get the plush collectible for every Happy meal.  I was thrilled when it arrived yesterday.  New addition to my Hello Kitty collection - Thanks to Jennie & Danver! Love you guys!♥♥♥

HK - Ronald McDonald
HK - Hamburglar

HK - Birdie
HK - Grimace
Hello Kitty in McDonaldland♥

I am happy (kid inside) that I have the complete collection of these cuties... When McDonald's Singapore released their Bubbly world collection last year, I got 3 and missed 3... Well my next project is SG's upcoming Hello Kitty Happy Meal dolls

Still hoping that soon... Philippines will have it's own version of Hello Kitty plushies... (as they say, never lose hope.. hehe)  *wink!


Friday, July 10, 2015

Hello Kitty x McDonald's SG 2015♥

source: mcdonald's singapore

Another Hello Kitty alert!!!  Hello Kitty is coming back to McDonald's Singapore starting July 27 as a part of Singapore's Golden Jubilee:.  They will be releasing 6 SG50 Hello Kitty plush collectibles. 

Each week starting July 27 a new toy will be released with every Value meal.  

And good news to those who have friends or relatives in Singapore they will also sell the whole set online starting July 20 at S$80.00 inclusive of GST and delivery fee.  The set includes Limited edition Singapore landscape booklet (with 6 paper standees and 6 Hello kitty cards) and 6 extra value meal food vouchers at S$5.00 each.

Again NO Hello Kitty value meal toys here in the Philippines.  I really feel bad when the license on Hello Kitty products was transferred to Jollibee. 


Monday, July 06, 2015

Disney x Pandora Collaboration♥

Happy rainy Monday!  It's a bed weather day, but of course we need not begin our week like this! 

Magic comes to Pandora:  for Spring 2015,  Pandora well-known Danish jewelry company collaborated with Disney to come up with their Disney Collection unfortunately this collection will only be in the USA.  I checked with Pandora store in Edsa Shangrila Mall yesterday according to the sales staff there she's not sure if it will be available here in the Philippines.  

The enchanting Disney Pandora collection includes Mickey and Minnie mouse, Winnie the Pooh and of course the Disney Princesses.  

source: Pandora USA site
Create your own fairy tale...  or your happily ever after...

Who's Disney princess are you?  Well, maybe the photo speaks for itself.  I love Cinderella.  

Here are the other items in the collection... feast your eyes Pandora fanatics! (*wink)
source: Pandora US site
Princess Elsa

source: Pandora US site
Princess Anna

source: Pandora US site
Princesses Ariel, Belle and Snow White

source: google

How about you? Which Disney Princess are you? or Maybe you're a Mickey & Minnie fanatic?  Tell me...


Thursday, July 02, 2015

Arm party for June 2015♥

Hello July and "Happy 442nd Araw ng Pasig!"  I know I should've shared this yesterday, but I was so busy with work... finishing month end reports. Well, that's the life of an accountant.

I can say this year June is a great month for me: new experiences... new friends... had my very first First Blog Collaboration with Miss Eleigh and finding my (our) long lost high school friend (barkada) Elvie. We've been searching for her for years, ever since our entire HS barkada became so active in social media.  Facebook has been a very useful tool in finding relatives, friends whom we have lost touch for years or decades.  

For the past 5 months I have been sharing my "aotd's":  accessories that I wore for the whole month.  So here's what I wore for the month of June.

June's muse: arm candies in silver, gold and pink gold tones... 

Hope you like them!

Happy Styling!♥

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