Thursday, August 14, 2008

2 Major awards for the Realtors - 33rd season (LEO awards)

After the Realtors said goodbye on the 33rd season of the PBA after losing in the Reinforced conference quarter finals vs Ginebra... I was never really "into" watching the game even on TV. But yesterday, It was awesome seeing our players receive special recognition on the Annual Leo Awards. I know they've worked hard for it... The Realtor's frontliners... Kelly Williams, Ryan Reyes and Nelbert Omolon were some of the players who got the awards last night. And I'm just proud to say that even if the team didn't enter this conference's finals they were able to bring home the 2 main awards last night --- The MVP and Rookie of the Year award.

Sideline: The last time I watched the Annual Pba awards was when my all-time fave player Benjie Paras made an indelible mark in the PBA being the 1st to receive the Rookie and MVP award in 1989... (watched it live at Payanig sa Pasig grounds - now Metro walk)

There's no doubt that Kelly will win the MVP race aside from that he is also a part of the Mythical 5 and All-Defensive team (together with Ryan Reyes).

On the order hand, Ryan Reyes the Realtor's bet got the ROOKIE of the Year award, he's also a part of the Defensive team.

I am happy that the Realtors... is now making its mark on the PBA... And that really make me proud...
All we've got to do is...

Recap of Awards last night:

MVP: Kelly Williams
Rookie of the year: Ryan Reyes
Most Improved Player: Cyrus Baguio
Sportsmanship Award: Ali Peek

Mythical First Team: Asi Taulava (C); Kelly Williams (F); Arwind Santos (F); Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand (G)

Mythical Second Team: Sonny Thoss (C); Kerby raymundo and Nelbert Omolon (F); Cyrus Baguio and Willie Miller (G)

All Defensive Team: Kelly Williams, Arwind Santos, Ryan Reyes, Marc Pingris, Wyne Arboleda

Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to maintain your to-LUST-for bag

I read this from the lifestyle page of Inquirer... since i'm a CERTIFIED bagaholic... this was very helpful to me... Now i know how to really care for my bags... they're one of my most cherished possessions. Be it branded or not it doesn't matter. Especially our humid climate isn't bag friendly.. so we must learn how to take care of them. Protect them coz it's quite an investment also...

PATENT BAGS: They are not easy to clean. Many patent bags are structured, so be careful where you store your bag. They lose their form easily, oftentimes permanently. The stains on them are the toughest to remove, esp. penmarks are really impossible to erase. They also get discolored when you store them on places with direct light. If in case you accidentally mark your bag with a pen, use baby wipes to clean immediately. Don't wipe it off in different directions coz fresh ink can leave smudges. Just pat it down first to ensure the ink doesn't smear all over before you rub it with wet wipes. Remember that it may not be completely erased, but it could lighten it. And NEVER use acetone.

COATED CANVAS BAGS: These bags are generally the easiest to clean and maintain. They are waterproof or water-resistant. You just have to wipe-off the water droplets with a dry cloth (that easy, right?!) Louis Vuitton, Goyard, and even some Gucci come in coated canvass. To keep them clean, wipe it with a clean damp cloth, carefully avoiding the leather trims. Dry it off with another clean dry cloth. Lighter colored coated canvas bags absorb color transfers from denim or darker colored clothing. So its always prudent to check your bay every so often for stains. Should there be color transfers. lather up a soft sponge with white soap (bath/hand soap will do). Apply soft pressure and clean affected area with the sponge in circular motions. Wipe off suds with another clean, damp cloth. Let it air dry. Repeat as needed.

LEATHER TRIMS: Leather trims on coated canvass are a different matter. For bags that belong to the classic Monogram line of LV, the cowhide (or vachetta) leather trims are very pale when new. This is very sensitive to liquids and can retain water spots, so make sure you wipe your hands clean before you handle your bag. Don't use baby wipes to clean and protect the leather handles. Like our own skin, constant cleaning of the leather can strip away its natural oils, causing it to dry and crack. Occasional wiping the handles and trims with leather moisturizer. Remember to leave it to dry overnight (preferably 10 hrs.) before using it again.

SMOOTH LEATHER BAGS: These bags require more care than pebbled leather bags. They are more prone to scratches and scuff if not properly handled. Interior pockets lined in smooth leather also fall prey to humidity, and end up sticking to each other. Smearing a bit of baby powder on the pocket walls can help prevent the leather from sticking. If you store your bag for a long period put small silicon gel packets inside the bag to help absorb humidity (i really don't throw away this stuff i just leave them inside the bag). As for scratches, it may not seem like a very hygenic thing to do, but there are times when rubbing the area with your index finger (make sure you have short nails) and a little dab of saliva can help clear out the lighter and more superficial scratches. But the deep scratches of heavy scuffing, there is not much you can do except take the bag to the specialist to assess whether the bag can still be restored to its original scar-free state.

PEBBLED LEATHER BAGS: You can use Apple leather cleaner, quite effective enough to clean a layer or two of dirt.

SUEDE BAGS: Suede bags are hard to clean and maintain in humid weather. Once your bag has molds, there is really not much that can be done to remove them. It's always a good idea to spray your bag with a coat of rain/stain protection chemical. Leave it overnight and spray again if its necessary. There are also suede erasers to clear out or lightern scratches and scuff. Erase affected area lightly. Vigorous erasing can damage the leather.

FABRIC BAGS: These kind of bags are dirt magnet but can get protected with a spray or two of Scotch Gard fabric protector to keep it from getting dirt fast. There are also fabric bags that can be washed or dry-cleaned. Ask your local dry cleaners / laundry shops if they can clean the bag without damaging them.

METAL HARDWARE: Metal hardware on your bags is another thing when it comes to cleaning. Because of humidity you may notice that the zipper pull, metal buckles or plates tarnishing. Don't fret coz there is a way tom make them look brand-spanking new again. Silver cleaning agents like Glo metal polisher can get the job done fast and its easy to do. Just wipe it off. For smaller metal links or zipper try using cotton buds dipped in the metal cleaner. Remember to be careful not to rub any of this polisher onto the leather or fabric body of your bag coz it'll stain.

TOP 3 TIPS: In maintaining your bags in good condition

  1. Always work with a test area on the bag (the bottom corner is a good place to start) and leave that test area to dry overnight to see if the cleaning agent used was effective or not before applying it again throughout the bag.

  2. Find the time to air out your bags. Take them out of your closets every week or so. This will allow your bags to breathe as well as prevent molds from growing. If you store your bags in enclosed areas, you can also buy the disposable dehumidifiers and place them strategically in the room to absorb humidity that can cause molds to grow.

  3. Do your research. Bag forums that tackle cleaning issues are always a good way to find out the products that people recommend in cleaning bags.
    Hope this tips would help you... all bag lovers, collectors.... who have gazillion of bags. One of the tips i would recommend you can also use hairspray in removing ballpen stain from your bag. I learned this from the show "How clean is your house?" in Lifestyle Channel 52.

Monday, June 02, 2008

David Cook... the new American Idol

I am not really a diehard fan of American Idol... But this year i was able to watch the start of the series ... from its auditions... I was happy that a Filipina - Ramielle Malubay was chosen as one of the Top 24 idols... After Jasmine Trias... its was Ramielle on Season 7... (proudly pinoy... though they didn't bag the title... still they we're able to get on the limelight..making all Filos proud)...

Anyway, David Cook caught my attention when he sang his own version of Always be my baby by Mariah Carey. I was stunned! And he became my bet to win the title... Last night i watched the finals... i didn't really like what Simon Cowell said about his performance... but i was hopeful that he'll still be the next idol. In fairness to David Archuleta he was also good... he was able to hit the high notes smoothly... Galing din! But of course it's a competition... and there will always be one winner... And that was David Cook! Yahoo! he's my bet.

My fave D.C.'s song - versions were... (aside from Always be my baby of course):
I Don't wanna miss a thing
Dare you to Move
Still haven't found what i am looking for
Happy Together
Dream big
The World I know

Monday, May 05, 2008

Only reminds me of you

it's 12 in the morning and i just can't sleep... darn!!! i am super exhausted but my eyes are still wide open. "Kaya nga ba eh" i really don't want to see and hear anything that make me remember him. For the past months i've been trying to avoid everything i'm quite successful na nga..(deleted text messages, boxed every gift, picture...probably everything...) but eto na...the one thing i'm afraid of...I tried not to think na it's all bcoz of him.. but as far as i can remember wala naman nangyari earlier to make me stay awake at this time. Everytime i tried closing my eyes... i see his smile...tears began falling down my cheeks...suddenly i'm missing him. hate it! WE met...when we're on the same boat... mending...letting go...moving on...maybe we'd both agree that we brought the smile back in our lives... I tried to avoid it seems like destiny is playing with me again... It's just sad it ended in a way that i guess we both didn't want to... but it has to end...
Solution: Write it down... so i got up went to the pc and start blogging... para i can release everything that's inside me... hopefully this would help... at least make me sleep na din.
There are many things we learn from life... people come and go... but each of us would agree that there is this certain person that we meet that's really different from the rest... somebody that from the first time you meet has this special spark... an inner light that comes from within... you can't explain what it is but it's there...making him special...
Memories may fade through time... but whenever you see the sun shining you will always remember him... as he had brought the sunshine back into my life... it seems time has been taking it back again... but i still believe that after every rain... there's always a rainbow that will bring some color in the sky... and the sun will surely shine...
I see you, beside meIt's only a dreamA vision of what used to beThe laughter, the sorrowPictures in timeFading to memoriesHow could I ever let you goIs it too late to let you know
"I wish this story ends as this song fades... Let every memory be carried by the wind across the ocean... and as the cool air brushes my cheeks... its gentle breeze dries the tears in my eyes..."
I tried to run from your sideBut each place I hideIt only reminds me of youWhen i turn out all the lightsEven the nightIt only reminds me of you
All will be cherished... I'll just wait for the sunshine again... i know it'll come soon...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Album Artwork for iTunes/iPod

Music... my life... i don't know if i can live without it. From the moment i wake up and til i go to bed at night even when i'm at work... or driving it perks me up so i won't go sleepy. When i bought my ipod i got so addicted with it and wanted to have matching album art with every song that plays. But when you try downloading the same in iTunes it isn't free. Well i got so frustrated and i tried everything to be able to have every album image i could get over the net. I wanted to share some of it ... Kindly click on the link to access my album art albums...

Friday, March 14, 2008

it's all up to ME

i received a text message from a friend last night... and as they say there are times when your into a situation and doesn't know what to do ... a simple message sometimes is connected with it and helps you make a decision...

CONFLICT: the one i love or the one who loves me?


the one i love will keep me hoping but the one who loves me will offer me everything;
the one i love can give me a moment but the one who loves me can give me eternity;
the one i love can ease the pain yet the one who loves me can take that pain and own it instead;
and the one i love could break my heart and the one who loves me will do anything to rebuild it...

CHOICE: it's up to me.

"there are times we often take for granted those person who loves us... and wait for that person we conquer our world... and sometimes we regret it in the end... for not giving this other person a chance..." in our lifetime...a lot of decision have to be made... i guess we need to open our eyes and heart sometimes so we can be able to see and feel... to help us in making a choice...a choice that we'll never regret forever...
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