Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!♥

Let me be the first to greet you: "Kung Hei Fat Choi or Kio Hee Huat Tsi!"  I grew up having tikoy every  Chinese new year... especially my Lolo has Chinese friends in Divisoria where he used to buy stuffs for his store back then.  I remember that before the Chinese New year he would go to Tabora in Divisoria and when he gets home he has tikoy, hopia and peking duck pasalubong for me... It has been a tradition that we eat tikoy and pancit together to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  We don't have Chinese blood... but being a chinita like my grandparents i was often mistaken as a Chinese especially in my college days... I have more Chinese friends than pinoy friends in College... and they taught me a couple of Chinese words... I can count from 1 to 10... Tosha is thank you... Ni hao ma is hello... Sui - Beautiful, Pai kwa - Pangit...Aya for Kuya, Achie for ate, Shobe and Shoti for younger sister and brother.  

Every one of us embraced some of the Chinese traditions... I do also!  I read about feng shui and follow some of it... I know they are just guides and we still have to work hard to achieve our goals and be successful... "Wala naman mawawala" if i practice it... And it works for me and my family as well..

I was born January 1972 at first I thought I was year of the Rat, but my college friend told me that I am under the Year the Pig or Boar. 

First week of 2014, i started researching on the enhancers I need for the year of the Horse...(I hope this will  a lucky year for me and my family as well)  Flying stars... sectors of the house... 

Here are some of the enhancers I have for this year: Me being born under the year of the Pig.. (some of them are bought last year and was just energized for this year...)

Kalachakra: For Protection

Medicine Buddha: For health

5 Element Pagoda, Mystic know, Blue Elephant and Rhino

Auspicious mirrors: For Auspicious Luck
I also have wind horse with gem on my worktable and a brass Wu Lou that i placed on the North west sector of my bedroom.

Hope this Year of the Wooden Horse will all give us abundance!  

Monday, January 27, 2014

Kids for Charity: Gingersnaps loves Leyte shirts♥

Gingersnaps ♥ Leyte t-shirts will soon be available at Gingersnaps stores...  Charity photo shoot was done after the final rehearsal last Saturday, January 25th.  

Wacky shot: Winners of Gingersnaps model search (L to R) Nicholas, Lulu, Jacob, Lance, David, Jolijin, Ystelle, Iya & Ananda

the girls
The boys

The kids enjoyed every moment of the photo shoot...  

Lance with the famous Director Robby Carmona

Kids with PR man Mr. Frank Briones

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lea shares her: Playlist♥

Really meaning to watch this concert... but my December was a super toxic month...  Wasn't able to squeeze the concert of Ms. Lea Salonga which was held last Dec. 6 and 7 on my schedule.  Good thing that they did a repeat!  

I also have a playlist of all Lea Salonga's songs... we're on the same generation: both 70's babies...   I remember watching her and Gerard during I Love Lea show... I even sang her song "I am but a small voice" in my school's singing contest when I was in grade 3.  Back then... i think most of the girls my age really look up to her and dreams having the same voice as hers... Come me in!  

When she was cast in Miss Saigon... I bought the CD of the play.. and was lucky enough to watch her perform Kim when they brought the play here in Manila.

Aside from that I love her songs: Bakit labis kitang mahal, Reflection, Journey and others... 

The Playlist concert was a blast!  I really enjoyed it!  Her opening song: "Do you know where you're going to" and clips of her journey as an artist was shown on the stage... then she did Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys, she was really a girl on fire!

Old, classic, new songs on her repertoire: I love it! Especially when she sang "Sana maulit muli" (theme song of her movie with Aga Muhlach) ... have a soft spot to that movie! One of my fave movie of all time.  Love watching it's reruns... 

Her daughter Nicole Chien also sang ... next generation Lea!  She's good!  

Rachel Ann Go: surprised me!  She has improved! Her voice was so powerful!  I can say she's really ready for Miss Saigon.

Martin Nievera: Lea's special guest last night! They sang After All.

To sum it up! It was a great concert! Lea's voice still the change... crystal clear! goosebumps all over...(Still wishing to have voice like hers...)  

Two thumbs up for Lea! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Forty two♥

I'm 42! I can't imagine... But I am proud of it!  I don't lie about my age... and honestly I don't feel "old"... (and others say I don't look my age...they thought I'm still on my late 20's... hahaha-*wink)

Though there are times, I feel that my body starts to age... But I try to move more and stay healthy... "Health is Wealth."

The good thing about getting older: hmmm... I think I am more wiser and matured in handling things and situations... 

At 42: 
  • 21 years in service in Sta.Lucia Realty (started working January 11, 1993 I was 21 then, even celebrated my 22nd birthday at work); 
  • I have a 2 year old online store Fabulousity by Chiq♥
  • Have already experienced doing an AVP for one of our projects here in Sta.Lucia;
  • Became a lead vocalist of band and performed for our company's events and my brother's wedding;
  • Lots of nephews and nieces... family and friends what truly cares and loves me...
What more can I ask for? (hmmm... Chanel, LV, Celine, Goyard bags and luggages! Seeing Paris and other parts of Europe...ahahaha...)

 Though I still remain single... I am happy! I don't hate men... others say I am "mapili or pihikan"...  I am definitely not... maybe I'm a little wiser... I'm not young anymore... though I am not closing my doors... I still remain hopeful... but I am not pressuring myself to this...I believe in destiny... "if it comes... good... if not... maybe God has other plans for me..."  And I thank the Lord for the blessings He gave me and my family... For that I am truly grateful...

Monday, January 13, 2014

One proud Ninang!♥: Lance new face of Gingersnaps

Grabbed from Mark Nicdao's Instagram
The long wait is over!  I'm so happy to share that our Lance was one of the 10 new face of Gingersnaps!  Out of 4,000+ entries Lance or Jean Clarence was 1 of the 50 called back last Saturday January 11.  It was a great experience for Lance. (He's a shy boy, so we really wanted to boost his confidence) 

He enjoyed the VTR and photo shoot a lot.  He even told his mommy that he will tell his teachers and classmates to view his photo on facebook.  

Casting call: Jean Clarence F. Santos (Lance)
Date/time: January 11, 2014 (8:00am)
Place: DPIXL studio, Makati City
Judges: Frank Briones, Pam Quinones, Mark Nicdao, Robby Carmona, Gingersnaps

After seeing the list of judges: my initial reaction was... WOW!  They are all well-known personalities!  

The kids were properly taken cared of during the shoot.  When we arrived at the venue, Lance was given a coloring book and color... breakfast buffet meals for the kid and the companion.

Photo taken during the actual VTR and photo shoot

Many thanks!!!
To all who liked the photo of Jean Clarence F. Santos on Facebook and Gingersnaps model search micro site... Judges... and Gingersnaps...

*Gingersnaps fashion show will be on February 1, 2014 at the SMX - SM Aura.

Thursday, January 09, 2014


Love, Love, Love!!! Statement jewelry are still very much in trend this year... Like the Lanvin statement necklaces: Happy, Cool, Sexy and LOVE!  To open up the year my store offers this gorgeous stack bracelet: LOVE stack bracelet (part of my Pre-Spring/Summer 2014).  It's a 4 piece bracelet: Love chain, Mini pearls, Bow chain, Black with crystals and pink gems.

This stack bracelet is only available for Pre-order at Fabulousity by Chiq♥.  So what are you waiting for?
Order now!!! 

Always remember my shops mantra:  Be FAB... Make a STATEMENT... Wear Fabulousity by Chiq♥

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Sync time to: Dropbox♥

When I checked my Facebook this afternoon, I saw a link shared by one of my friends regarding a girl who lost her bag including her phone in Makati and the following day: the alleged thief took selfies on her phone which is automatically linked to her dropbox account.  Same scenario with the volunteer at Vilamor airbase who lost her phone and the taker took selfies of himself.  Well I guess I should download this application to my Iphone and Ipad: "wala naman mawawala"... 

So what is a  DROPBOX?  Dropbox is a free online storage for photos, documents and videos... you easily share them also using the same application.

If you already have a Dropbox account you need not sign up for another.  All you have to do is to download the apps on the Itunes apps store and sign in.  Your photos will automatically uploaded to your Dropbox once you have an internet connection.  At the same time you can also access your Dropbox on your desktop.  Now I can delete the photos on my Iphone and Ipad that were already uploaded on my Dropbox.. now more space for new photos so it's time to take more pics!

New year... New learning!

Monday, January 06, 2014

Without you...♥

"Without You" (feat. Usher)

I can't win, I can't reign
I will never win this game
Without you, without you
I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same
Without you, without you

I won't run, I won't fly
I will never make it by
Without you, without you
I can't rest, I can't fight
All I need is you and I,
Without you, without you

Oh oh oh!
You! You! You!
You! You! You!

Can't erase, so I'll take blame
But I can't accept that we're estranged
Without you, without you
I can't quit now, this can't be right
I can't take one more sleepless night
Without you, without you

I won't soar, I won't climb
If you're not here, I'm paralyzed
Without you, without you
I can't look, I'm so blind
I lost my heart, I lost my mind
Without you, without you

Oh oh oh!
You! You! You!
You! You! You!

I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same
Without you, without you 


As this music plays ... I close my eyes ... All I see is you and me...traveling down the road...
wishing that its for real and not a dream... ♥

Friday, January 03, 2014

Fashion jewelry trends for S/S 2014♥

Love browsing: upcoming trends from outfits, bags especially fashion jewelry.  So what do we expect for Spring/Summer 2014.

Gold jewelry still dominates the runway of New York, Milan, Paris and London.

Here's a round up of the fashion jewelry that caught my attention:

Extra large chain link - Balmain
Chain link trend continuous... from last quarter of 2013 'til Spring/Summer 2014...

Artsy cuffs - Celine

Arty cuffs - Celine
  Totally a must have piece! Very unique!♥  If you're an 80's kid you will surely like this.

Malachite cuffs & chunky golf cocktail ring - Nina Ricci
 For a sweet and trendy you... dressing up your country garden floral ensemble with these cuffs and statement ring...

Watch out - Nina Ricci
 Timekeeper inspired cuffs by Nina Ricci

Birds of paradise - Roberto Cavalli

 Translucent appeal... as the birds spread their wings on you neck and wrist....

Zodiac - Valentino
Simplicity is beauty... simple gold necklace with zodiac sign pendant...

Candy bangles - Chanel
Suitable for spring and summer: Pop of bright colors!

Star - Lanvin
You will always be the STAR of the party!

Looking forward to these yummy accessories this 2014!!!

Credits: from Harper's Bazaar and Vogue

Favorite moments 2013♥

Happy New Year! Welcome 2014!!! I am really hoping that this will be a good year for me and my family as well...  A lot of things happened last year... good and not-so-good... but I am still thankful!  

I just want to share some of my happy moments in 2013!  In random order: actually I can't really decide what to put first...

  • Cousins finally met! Hans and Tessa: our curly babies... they are both 1 year old... Hans was 3 months older than Tessa...but they actually look like twins... It was Tessa's first visit to the Philippines she's the daughter of my cousin Ann who is based in Sydney.  Tessa loves embracing Hans... according to her dad she loves seeing kids her size... The same as Hans, he loves playing with kids his size!

  • Surprise! Surprise! During our Tita Linda's birthday... my cousins and Tita from Sydney arrived at the resto where we were having lunch... Honestly I was surprised too!  I really don't have any idea that they are coming to Manila... (I really miss my cousins there...when we were kids we spent weekends and vacations together before they migrated to Australia... and we never lost touch with each other... distance was never a hindrance for us!  We often keep in touch through letters before... now we do Facetime!)  :)

  • My online shop turned 2 last August 2013!  Turning my passion to fashion styling and accessories to something more productive. "We should love what we're doing!" Aside from jewelry accessories, other items were added to my products: Authentic signature bags, brands like Furla, Prada and items from Milan, Italy.

  • 20th year in Sta.Lucia Realty & Dev., Inc.: two decades of working in one of the well-known real estate company in the Philippines...I want to thank our President and CEO Mr. Exequiel Robles for believing in me and giving me an opportunity to work in their company!  :)

  • Lance's casting call for Gingersnaps Philippines: Super happy for this... because out of 4,000+ kids who join he was one of the 50 chosen and hopefully after the go-see on the 11th he'll be one of the 25 or one of the 6 grand prize winner!  

Now I am looking forward to new happenings and making unforgettable moments in 2014! The year of the Wooden Horse!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Many thanks♥

It's been a fabulous year indeed!  

To all the FABULOUS ladies... who supported my shop...

Thanks to all of you!

Expect more unique and fabulous items this year...

Always remember...  

Be FAB... Make a Statement... Wear Fabulousity by Chiq♥
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