Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Confidently beautiful with a heart♥

Still on the hype of yesterdays pageant... Yey! After 42 years - finally: our 3rd Miss Universe Ms. Pia Alonzo-Wurtzbach.  I was a year old when Ms. Margie Moran won our 2nd crown in 1973.  

My cousin said: "Ang sarap magpa-parlor ngayon!" - because happy ang Berky community. 

A well deserved win for Pia!  There are a lot of "firsts" in this 2015 Miss U pageant.  First time to have a Filipino designer/s to do gowns for National Costume and evening gowns.  Kudos to Mr. Oliver Tolentino for the red gown she wore on the preliminaries and Mr. Albert Andrada for Pia's National Costume and the Royal Blue gown on the Grand coronation night.  And of course first time that the emcee announced the wrong winner.  My heart also goes to Miss Colombia... but I really admire Steve Harvey for taking responsibility of his mistake it takes a lot of guts to do that.  Actually when he announced that Miss Colombia was Miss Universe... I froze, its like everything stopped... I was really hoping that Pia will make it because she gave the best answer among the Top 3 finalists. Her answer embodies every Pinay: we are all "confidently beautiful with a heart."  And we are all "palaban" (we don't easily give up) like Pia said in one of her interviews.
That flirty fierce look

Her fierceness, poise, confidence and elegance made her take home the crown.  I remember Megan Young said "Think murder" on her guesting on GGV before flying to the Miss World pageant in 2013 and that gave us our first Miss World crown.

Just a little trivia here: We also made history with Pia winning the crown: we are now the 1st Asian country to have three Miss Universe crowns.

Again, Congrats to Pia!  This is one of the nicest gifts all the Filipinos will get this Christmas!

Photo credit: Binibining Pilipinas


Monday, December 14, 2015

Snoopy & Charlie Brown at McDonald's♥

Snoopy and the Peanuts gang! Awww they are totally cute!  New Happy Meal collector's item will be available starting December 18, 2015.  I grew up reading Snoopy's comic strip on the newspaper... Loved him before Hello Kitty. 

You can own the whole collection right away because McDonald's is accepting pre-order for the whole bunch which started last December 11 until tomorrow (December 15) at PhP949.00. The collection includes 10 adorable Snoopy and Charlie Brown - Peanuts gang plus 10 Happy meal food stubs: 3 McSpaghetti meals, 3 Burger Mcdo meals and 4 Chicken Mcdo meals.  All you have to do was to go to any Mcdonald's store (except Boracay) and pre order the complete set at the front counter.  You then will be handed a claim stub.

For more details on how to claim your Snoopy Happy Meal collection: Visit https://www.mcdonalds.com.ph

I am so excited! Are you?


Monday, December 07, 2015

Anjou tote by Goyard♥

Oh My Gee!  I miss doing this... I know it's been a while since my last "real" post.  Family first of course that's why my blog needed to be on the sideline for a moment.  Hopefully "no more medical emergency" in the family, really praying for that.   Anyway, let's go down to business.  At first glance I really thought it was Goyard's popular St. Louis tote:  it's structure and dimension are the same, but Anjou is reversible.  Yes, you read it right.  

On one side Goyard's chevron iconic pattern and block color on the other.  The tote comes in two sizes: PM (19" x 11" x 6") - Prices: Black $2,080.00 / Color: $2,700.00 and GM (23" x 13" x 7") - Prices: Black $2,450.00 / Color: $3,180.00 and in 11 colors.  It also comes with a luggage tag where you can put your initials. 

Who could resist this kind of bag?  It's like hitting two birds with one stone right?! - Two bags in one. 

How do you find this tote?  Do you also like it as much as i do?


Friday, November 27, 2015

Starbucks x Moleskin 2016 Planner♥

After a few weeks... I finally got you!♥
A couple of Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Moes of what color and size to get:
I decided to get the Green/Large.  At first I was really meaning for the red but since it's small
I went to for the green instead.
My collection will be happy with it's new member. (*wink)

So my journey to 2016 Starbucks planner has ended! Yey!


Monday, November 16, 2015

Peace on Earth♥

Let's start our Monday with this prayer!

Lord Jesus, we come to you in our need. Create in us an awareness of the massive forces of conflict that threaten our world today. And grant us a sense of urgency to activate the forces of goodness, of justice, of love and of peace.
Where there is armed conflict, let us stretch out our arms to our brothers and sisters. Where there is abundance, let there be simple lifestyle and sharing. Where there is poverty, let there be dignified living and constant striving for just structures. Where there is selfish ambition, let there be humble service. Where there is injustice, let there be atonement. Where there is despair, let there be hope in the Good News. Where there are wounds of division, let there be unity and wholeness.
Help us to be committed to the building of your kingdom, not seeking to be cared for but to care; not expecting to be served but to place ourselves in the service of others; not aspiring to be materially secure but to place our security in your love.
Teach us your spirit, for it is only in loving imitation of you, Lord, that we can discover the healing springs of life that will bring about new birth to the earth and hope for the world. Amen.
Our Lady, Queen of Peace. Pray for us.

source: Megan Hess Instagram

Last Friday, the Paris incident shocked the whole world.  (I have not been there but Paris is one of the places in the world that I would really want to visit...) And I hope that this will not happen again not only in Paris, but in any other country especially the Philippines.  But we must also remember and pray for those countries not only France (those in the middle east) who have suffered terrorism and victims of oppression most especially the innocent people and the children.  Because day before the attack in Paris, 43 were killed in a suicide bombing in Beirut.  My heart goes out to all of them (victims and their families) and it is really my fervent prayer and wish that all these things will come to an end so we will live in a world filled with love and everlasting peace.♥

Let us pray for our Earth... our World!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Fabulousity by Chiq: Holiday 2015 Sale♥

Christmas is just around the corner! Only 42 days... have you done with your Christmas shopping?  Avoid the hassle of lining up on malls, traffic at EDSA and other major roads... and enjoy the convenience of online shopping.  My annual holiday sale starts today!!! Up to 70% discount on selected items -  so what are you waiting for? Visit my page on facebook : Fabulousity by Chiq♥ or follow me on Instagram @fabulouschq and use this hashtag #fabchqHoliday2015sale to view the items on sale!

Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Starbucks 2016 Planner♥

source: starbucks.ph

Yey! The highly anticipated limited planner promo is back!  Starbucks collaborated with Moleskine for this year's planner.  It started yesterday November 2 and it will run until January 7, 2016.  

The planner comes in 2 sizes and 4 colors: Small - Red and Black, Large -  Green and White.

In order to get your own limited edition planner: you need to accumulate a total of 18 stickers. That is 9 stickers - for any Holiday beverages and 9 sticker for any of their core beverages.  To view the terms and conditions visit their website: http://www.starbucks.ph/

So what are you waiting for? Coffee addicts and Planner collectors!

Let's start collecting stickers!!!♥


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello Kitty back at McDonald's PH♥

source: McDonald's Philippines

Yey!  I admit, I am one of the Hello Kitty collectors who is excited about this.  Now Hello Kitty is back at McDonald's Philippines.  Last week Hello Kitty Birthday toys are available for every purchase of Happy Meal.  The Hello Kitty toys consists of 4 adorable designs (for the boys they offer - Thomas the train).  These toys are actually released last year (2014) in the US for the 40th anniversary/birthday of Hello Kitty that has 8 designs.  I am wanting the one where she wears a tiara, oh well it's okay.  At least Hello Kitty is now back at Mcdonald's.  

source: google.com

The Philippines release includes: Hello Kitty birthday party fun comes with a HK barrette; Hello Kitty birthday balloon that has a small comb; Hello Kitty birthday cupcake that comes with a HK ring and Hello Kitty birthday surprise that comes with a key ring.

You can also hang the Hello Kitty toy because it has a small loop string that is attached on her head. Purrfect for my Christmas tree.♥

So start collecting!♥♥♥


Saturday, October 24, 2015

New rules set by LTO on Driver's license issuance♥

source: gov.ph

Every morning I make it a point to check on the news online, so I know what's happening.  I realized when you are getting older you will be interested in reading or watching news to get updated on current issues and events. I am not that eager when I was younger.  And I bumped into this.  New reforms on the issuance of Driver's license, sounds interesting right?  As a Non Professional Driver's license holder since 1994, I guess it's about time that they revise the existing rules.  Better late than never.

Yesterday Land Transportation Office has revised the rules and guidelines on the issuance of driver's license, according to Department of Transportation and Communications it will take effect next month.  Five administrative orders will be released next week.  As per DOTC secretary Jun Abaya: "The revised rules will serve two purposes: first, they will better ensure the fitness and capability of the licensed card holders to drive on our streets; and second,  they will streamline the application process and make it more convenient to the public."

The Administrative Orders will cover all types of the license issued by LTO: 
  1. Professional Driver's License (PDL)
  2. Non-Professional Driver's License (NPDL)
  3. Student's permit; and (SP)
  4. Conductor's License (CL)
Higher standards and stricter rules will be imposed on the application for PDL.  If the applicant incurred at two reckless driving citation, he will be disqualified in getting a PDL.  The restriction is applicable to driver's of tricycle, light and heavy vehicles and conductors.  I just hope that "palakasan system" will not hamper the implementation of this new set of rules.

With regards to the Medical Certificate; LTO will now allow applicants to provide medical certificate issued by any licensed and practicing physician of his choice.  Meaning it will no longer be restricted to their accredited doctors.  I totally agree with this, it's useless being checked by their accredited physician: every applicant is not thoroughly examined.  It will only take you less than 2 minutes, but due to the long lines it will take you forever.. hihi  Official Medical certificate forms will be available for download at LTO and DOTC websites free of charge.  

LTO also raised by one year the minimum age requirement for student and non-professional license applicants: 17 years old for student (previously 16) and 18 years old for non-professional (previously 17).

This is what I like best, incentives for good behavior and disciplined driving : additional 2 years validity for their next license renewal; currently licenses has 3-year validity on this new system it will be increased to 5 years if you have not committed any violation whatsoever.

To read the article click here.

And hopefully, they will get a new license card supplier that is capable of providing good quality cards.  Not like the ones they issued this year when I renewed my license.  


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chanel Costume Jewelry Fall/Winter 2015-2016♥

Let's feast our eyes: including me of course (hihi) these pieces, as well as the previous Chanel collections always make me "kilig" (giddy).  Chanel is known for pearls... if I say pearls...I mean, lots and lots of pearls.  Can you remember when they introduced the giant pearl chokers in Spring/Summer 2014?  Now Chanel came up with something ostentatious - the body-pearl necklaces, their answer to body chains in an elegant and luxurious way. 

The pearl cuff bracelet is ♥, another classic piece from Chanel.  The doily or lace adorned pearl brooch and earrings are so dainty.  

The strass metal tie necklace and brooch are amazing!  

This set is really very Chanel.  I call this their signature set : resin cuff, multi strand necklace and choker embellished with iconic cc logo, metal and pearl elements. (We often find them on every season's collection)

The other pieces on their Fall/Winter 2015-16.  To view the rest of the collection visit their site: Chanel.com

Photo credit: Chanel.com


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bakery Themed Collection by Kate Spade♥

Kate Spade x Magnolia bakery cupcake clutch

Kate Spade NY is known for unique cutie totes, bags, clutches, last March I wrote about her Spring flower pot crossbody bag.  Before 2015 ends, she teamed up this time with Magnolia Bakery for her new limited edition collection.  I haven't been to New York, but I have learned about the bakery from my friends in the US.

Kate Spade x Magnolia Bakery Recipe book clutch
Kate Spade x Magnolia bakery Banana pudding container bag
Kate Spade x Magnolia bakery Slice of cake clutch
Kate Spade x Magnolia Bakery Francis Tote

Kate Spade x Magnolia bakery Cupcake box tote
Kate Spade x Magnolia bakery cupcake coin purse
Kate Spade x Magnolia bakery Lacey wallet
Kate Spade x Magnolia bakery Tally clutch
Honestly I find some of the bags odd, like the Banana pudding bag and the Slice of cake clutch.  But I'm loving the totes and the super cute cupcake coin purse.  While browsing the entire collection, I remembered Katy Perry's California girls music video. (haha *wink!)

How about you would you carry any of these Bakery-themed cuties?


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Picks: Plains & Prints: Holiday 2015 - Sta. Fe Collection♥

source: Plains and Prints

Browsing the Instagram feed of Plains and Prints and thinking of what to get on their recently launched Holiday 2015 Collection.  Last Thursday, Sta. Fe Collection was made available online and in-store, though 15 outfits are available at this time I am really excited to see all of them in the coming weeks.  Sta. Fe collection is inspired by the oldest City in Mexico.  According to Plains and Prints: "The series brings back memories from the 60's era with various silhouettes such as shifts, trapeze, and lady-like dresses in vintage inspired prints and fabric blockings."  

source: Plains and Prints
Sage C/S Dress, CS top also available (No price available yet)  
Love the prints!

Source: Plains and Prints
Sam SL Dress (P1,898.00) , SL (P1,198.00) and CS (P1,298.00) Top are also available.

Deep green with flying eagle design: I remembered Panama when I saw the print.  Remember Pamana? The Philippine eagle that was released into the wild in Davao Oriental last "Araw ng Kalayaan" (Independence day-June 12, 2015) and was found dead in August 16, 2015 just two months after.

Source: Plains and Prints
Sophie SL Top (No price available yet)  and Sierra Jogger (P1,398.00)

Shades of green, yellow and peach in this collection: very feminine - I love it!♥  Can't wait for the next batch of their holiday collection...

Do you also love Plains and Prints? Which of the Sta. Fe Collection is your pick? Tell me... 


Monday, October 19, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Louboutin for LIPS♥

source: Google.com

What will first come into your mind when you hear "Louboutin"?  Shoes! (of course) Last year CL launched their nail polish line: so I am not really surprised when they came out with their lipstick collection.  Yes, I am not a make up or lipstick fan: why I am blogging about this?  I love accessorizing! The lipstick cap has a ring and it also includes a ribbon so you can turn it into a necklace.  Love the concept!  So each time you want to re-touch your lippy, no need to reach on to your purse or make up kit. 

source: Google.com
The lipstick is inspired by Art deco, Babylon architecture and Middle eastern period.  They look like spear heads or mermaid tails dipped in metal and the cap is like a crown.  

source: Google.com
The line has 36 shades and comes in three textures: Velvet Matte which has nine colors, Sheer Voile also features nine shades and twenty shades of Silky Satin.  Each lippy costs $90.00 so that's approximately Php4,230.00.  Lippy for 4K, WOW! hahaha...  But it was a really cool idea: Lippy and necklace in one. Good thing I am not a make up addict! (*wink)

Let me end this with a quote from Christian Louboutin: "Lipstick is a woman's magic wand."  
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