Saturday, July 30, 2016

Chanel Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Costume jewels♥

Been very busy the past weeks, the office where I work is under renovation: was really into boxing and safekeeping our stuff.  But now I am back!  And it's almost August... time really flies.  Fall/Winter season is just around the corner: so what kind of accessories do we expect to see this season?  During the Fashion week: cuffs, string of pearls, bracelets, single earrings dominated the runway so expect more of these jewels this coming season.  Here's what Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld had to offer for Chanel lovers out there.

The classic signature chain : Lambskin weave metal chain necklace

Long necklace & Chokers

Gold x Black


BANGLES & CUFFS : Metal and Lambskin - Burgundy x Gold x Black


Rings & Brooches

Ooh that classic weave long necklace is L♥VE : Tops my list!  As well as cuffs and bangles with burgundy lambskin.  How about you? What's your favorite?



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Friday, July 29, 2016

Hello Kitty Bubbly World : Completed♥

Hello Kitty girls!  I really love writing about Hello Kitty.  After a long wait, now it's finally here and I have completed the Hello Kitty Bubbly World Collection which was released by McDonald's Singapore in 2014.  I already have 3: My Melody, Kero keropi and Badz Maru but through the efforts of my friend Gerard who is now based in Singapore I was able to complete all 6 designs.

Hello Kitty x Monkichi

Hello Kitty x Pompompurin

Hello Kitty x Tuxedo Sam

I am a happy kid! (at heart) hihi... Well there's one more... an extra Hello Kitty as The Ugly Duckling : Hello Kitty x Fairy tales also from McDonalds SG which was released in 2013.  

Hello Kitty as The Ugly Duckling - Hello Kitty x Fairy Tales 2013

Can't wait for their 2016 Collection... And of course many thanks to my friend for bringing me these cuties all the way from Singapore!♥


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