Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shift vs Sheath dress♥

Hello Wednesday!  There are several types of dress, but the Shift and Sheath dress are often interchanged: some are confused or does not know what dress they are wearing.  So what's the difference between the Shift and Sheath?


Shift dress: a short dress (like a chemise/camisole) with little or simple detailing, usually A-line / empire waist. It's also similar to a baby doll dress that is loose fitting at the hips. Very appropriate for any body type.

Mango shift dress: Php1,950.00

On the other hand a Sheath dress is a form fitting or body clinging dress.

Mango floral dress: Php3,950.00

Both dresses typically fall above the knees or lower thighs.

Of the two, shift dress is for me... I love A-line cut dresses and skirts.  They usually hide what needs to be concealed. (hihi)

Note: You must always consider your body type in choosing what to wear.  Remember this: "Accentuate your assets and hide your flaws."


Friday, April 24, 2015

Pantene Age-defy♥

I got you!  After a long wait... finally.  Truly a loyal Pantene user, actually I can't remember when I really started using Pantene.  Recently I have been in search of Pantene's silky smooth care variant, I was able to find the conditioner but no success with the shampoo.  I even wrote Pantene Philippines to know if the variant was already discontinued: according to them it was not.  But I don't know why I can't find them in any grocery, supermarkets and drug stores.  Oh well, I need a plan B (find a replacement): was able to find Pantene Smooth and sleek variant in Unimart-Greenhills (which is not really available locally, it's from the US) it worked for my hair (I'm really "hiyang" to Pantene).  I visited their US website and found this Pantene Expert Collection.  There are 6 kinds:
  • Dry defy
  • Fade defy
  • Advanced Keratin repair
  • Age defy
  • Hair re-growth + volume
  • Boost
Of the 6: Pantene Age defy really caught my attention. I'm in my 40's and I know little by little I will be experiencing the 7 signs of aging.  What are these?
  • Unruly grays
  • Dryness
  • Lackluster color
  • Thinning
  • Breakage
  • Split ends
  • Frizz
Pantene and Olay worked hand in hand to develop this product.  We all know that Olay is famous for developing anti-aging products, I feel that their collaboration with Pantene will be something worth trying.

Effects:  You can immediately feel that the product worked after your first use.  Aside from making my hair silky smooth: It also added volume, tamed frizz and of course it brought back the luster and shine to my hair.  (I love it!♥♥♥♥♥)

Likes:  I love the scent, not too strong.  It has a slight hint of Olay fragance.  (if you're familiar with Olay products).  It's not the typical Pantene color white shampoo and conditioner: it's nude/lightish brown.

Rate: 5/5 ♥♥♥♥♥
Hoping that they will make this product locally available here in the Philippines.  I am really satisfied with it.  Would also love to try their Advanced Keratin repair.♥ 


Monday, April 20, 2015

For my Face♥

I don't really do product reviews, but a lot have been asking me: What products do I use for my face.. or my face or skin regimen.  Honestly I am quite blessed to have a good skin, at 43 according to my friends, office mates and cousins I don't really look my age. Maybe it's on my genes: thanks to my grandparents and parents.  

I'm not a high maintenance person (when it comes to my face and skin).  Some people think that I go to aesthetic clinics, spas or do facials regularly... Well they are wrong.  I don't do facials... (promise! even if I have a dermatologist cousin), I remember I just went once lang in 2004 after my Boracay vacation when I had skin discoloration. Spa once pa lang, when my balikbayan cousin wanted to try Sonya's garden in Tagaytay.

In my younger days: I use Ivory soap for my face and body.  Before going to bed I just wash my face with soap and water.

I don't really wear make up.  But in one of my job interviews, the lady interviewer told me that I should wear a little make up especially when I am applying for a job.  (I just used Johnson's baby powder on my face and no lippy that time)  She said I looked pale.  Well, I don't know what to get: the first pressed powder I used gave me a couple of breakouts that's why I stopped using it.  Then my cousin introduced me to Clinique because it's hypoallergenic: So even if it is kinda expensive I bought Clinique's double face powder in Matte Honey. And it worked! No breakouts and it does not make my face oily.  As for the lippy: I tried a couple of brands: most of them made my lips chap.  So I'd rather use lip balm: before i used Chapstick, now i am using Nivea or EOS.  Lippies that worked for me are: Clinique, Lancome, L'oreal and Make up Forever.  But I only wear them when I need them: meet up with friends, corporate meetings, parties and events.


When I turned 30, I started using liquid tinted moisturizer.  I read somewhere that if you're in front of the computer for 8 hours or more: one should use or wear sunblock or anything with SPF.  Of course I did not try other brands for my face, it's just Clinique.  For removing my make up I use Johnson's baby oil after washing my face with Ponds age miracle facial foam wash.


At 35 started using Ponds age miracle day cream before applying my liquid Clinique makeup.  Then comes the BB creams... because of the Korean novela hype!  Well at first I was hesitant to try them, and of course I did not know what brand to get.  But in 2011 before my Sydney trip, since I'll be going in June which is winter season in Australia that gave me no choice but to get one that is appropriate to cold weather so it will not cake.   My friend told me to try Etude house BB cream. So I went to the shop, there a couple of BB's to choose from: I chose  the Precious Minerals BB cream.  Since 2011 I have been using the said BB cream.

The only thing about Etude House precious minerals BB cream, it is not that long lasting.  Within the day I dust my face with Clinique's superbalanced powder make up.

I also use Clinique's Even Better make up alternately with Etude House Precious minerals BB cream.  (It's long lasting than the BB cream -  no need to re-touch with powder make up)

As you can see I really go for brands that are "hiyang" (suited) for me.  I am not used on trying new products, I'm afraid of taking risks especially for my face.  I've had break outs before for using products that are not "hiyang" for me.  Always remember that there are products that will work for me but will not work for you... so it's "hiyangan" talaga.  I also go for darker shades... I want some bronzing effect like JLo! (don't want to be "too maputi" on photos) So I usually get 1 or 2 shade/s darker than my complexion.  (I go for Honey/Golden sun shades) 
My daily routine for my face is: I wash my face with Ponds age miracle facial foam wash, then I apply Ponds age miracle day cream then Etude house Precious Minerals BB cream/Clinique Even Better make up plus lip balm and that's it! Sometimes I use Maybelline lip/cheek cream on my cheeks for added color.  At night I wash my face before going to be.

Tidbits:  I don't smoke and drink alcohol.  Eat lots of veggies. Sleep early.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Valentino: Rockstud trapeze bag♥

At first I was not really into with Valentino's Rockstud bag.  I am for classic bags like: Chanel's flaps, GSTs, Louis Vuitton's Speedy, Montorgueil, Neverfull.

I thought those studs will only make it just a "trendy" bagAnd sooner or later it will go out of style.  But I guess I am wrong.  From their first Rockstud trapeze tote bag (classic), followed by the Rainbow 1973 and Psychedelic Camo collections now comes their Rockstud Jacquered Logo bags.

I know a lot of things had been written about the bag, but I just want to share my insights about it. :)  I totally love the shape of their trapeze tote (like the LV neverfull).  And one more thing: you can also tuck or insert and hook the sides converting it to a regular tote.  What i dislike about shoppers it doesn't have zippers.

The Classic: Valentino Rockstud trapeze tote

source: google

For this classic piece, Valentino also introduced their Watercolor Rockstud which consists of three (pastel) color combination.  

Rainbow: Rockstud 1973

source: google

"Color me Valentino" : colorful bags fascinates me!  Since most of my outfits are black, I really love bags with vibrant colors - - - "Like the colors of the rainbow" (hahaha).  The is a big YES for me, really No-no for their Rainbow shoes.

source: google

So this is their new baby!♥ Valentino Rockstud Jacquered Logo: textile with "V" pattern + leather.  Aside from the trapeze tote like their other Rockstud bags: this will also come on all its major shapes: flap clutch, VaVaVoom shoulder bag and lock clutch.

How about you? What do you think about the Valentino Rockstud bag?


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quick tip: Office work space - Organizing forms & bills♥

Here's a quick tip to everyone!  This is how my work side table looks like.  My bank forms,  used envelopes (that I reuse/recycle), bills and etc. are placed in an old box that I wrapped with gift wrapper a couple of years ago.  It's already old, worn out, and needs to be replaced (ASAP).  After tidying up my home office work table at home, guess I need to do the same at my office work place.  

First office organization project: my side table.

 Found this letter rack from Daiso Japan home at P88.00

Whoala! Placed the envelopes on one side and bank forms on the other. In front I placed our office forms and vouchers.(love it!)♥

As for the bills, bank return slips, office leave forms, payslips I filed them separately so I can locate them easily.  I also do the same on my utilities bills at home.  I used old folders: wrapped and labeled it.  Isn't it pretty?♥

 Do you have any organizing tips to share?  
Let me know... :)

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Tidying up my Home Office station♥

I'm back from the holy week break.  We're not used on going out of town during the holy week.  Staycation... after our yearly Visita Iglesia, I just stayed home and did some spring cleaning.  My first project, tidying up my work station.  Aside from my love for styling, I also love sharing my organizing solutions.

As I have shared on my previous posts I am so into acrylic organizers.  I bought a couple of acrylic containers and re-used my old ones.

This is how my home work station looks now...

For me I get so excited every time I see my stuff on acrylic organizers. Like these acrylic trays and containers I used them to house my pens, markers, pencils, washi tapes, gift tags: the good thing about them, they are stackable. (so very space saving)

Isn't it obvious that I love Hello Kitty! (hihi!)  The wooden desk organizer and mini radio are vintage!   I got them in the 90's.   The mini radio is still working... It was my office radio, when I started working in 1993 it was work buddy:  especially every Friday when me and my office mates are so ga-ga over "Love notes by Joe the Mango" at 89.9. (Who can forget that!)

That's my old acrylic make up/lipstick organizer, I used it for my work station supplies! (paper clips, clamps, erasers, staple wires and of course my cutie HK stapler)

Yes, I am quite OC ... I want my stuff to be at the right place so I can easily find them when I need them.  It's always a happy feeling to work or to do something on a well-organized environment...

Hope you like my home office station.  Do you have any organizing tips that you wanted to share? Would love to hear from you. 


Monday, April 06, 2015

LBD: Spring Style Challenge Entry#2♥

The Spring Sartorialist

I'm a working girl,  that's why I really wanted to create another look for the 
Spring Style Challenge of
Ronson Zippered shift dress from their Little Black Dress Collection, is perfect for any body type.
(Shift dress is a short dress with little detailing, have wider bottom and narrower top)
 paired it with love the black and white stripes trench coat.
Heels or stilettos are very appropriate for work outfits.  Aside from making us walk in a feminine way: It also adds confidence to every women who wears it.  As Marilyn Monroe said: "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.
 For the purse, I wanted it to be not too feminine... so I picked B/W quilted purse with chain x leather strap.
I visualized the over-all look to be simple but empowering.


LBD Spring Style Challenge♥

Here it is! My LBD Spring Style Challenge entry.  As I have shared a while ago, I was inspired by Dailylook to take part in their Spring Style challenge. Actually I chose almost all of things that you can find in the look I created from their website (so you can easily shop for it, if you want to get the whole look) except for the floppy hat which I own.  

I love maxi dresses (and I love black - perfect!), that's why i picked Line & Dot pleated maxi dress from their Little Black Dress Collection .  There's no Spring season here in the Philippines but I was able to experience Spring when I visited Sydney in 2004.  Touring down under in spring, you really need to wear something very comfortable: so you can move around easily and enjoy the rest of your holiday.  Wearing thong sandals and carrying a light weight bucket bag will be a very good idea.  Sunnies is a necessity for me!  I don't really leave the house without them...  Floppy hat would really protect your face from getting sun burn, that is aside from wearing your sunscreen.  I finished it up with a pile of gold tone arm candies to complete the entire look: and I called it Bohemian Chic (for my laid back LBD look).♥

Tidbits: This look is also very appropriate here in the Philippines... it's Summer here!  I can't wait to wearing something like this one of these days...♥


LBD Spring Style Challenge Invite!♥

Hello April!  I got this email last week.. and I'm so excited to share this to all of you!  I was invited to join their Spring style challenge.  Getting noticed by a fashion website: is really "something".  (it's a big WOW!) 
I will be joining this and please pray for me that they will like my entry. 

Watch out for my entry I will be sharing it here soon...


Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter!♥

May Easter bring it's nicest things to you
and to those you love!
Happy Easter!♥

Photo credit:


Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Pantene Silky smooth care Shampoo/Conditioner and Smooth & Sleek Shampoo♥

Pantene silky smooth care shampoo

Pantene silky smooth care Intensive treatment conditioner

It's been months... I have searched every supermarket in the Metro looking for Pantene Silky smooth care shampoo and conditioner.  No success!  It's my favorite variant of Pantene: it really works for my hair.  As they say: "Hiyang" talaga ako!  It really gives my hair a great level of silky smoothness... calms frizz. (I don't blow dry or use any styling gadgets everyday: Wash & Wear only)  I have tried their other variants but I am not really happy with the result. :(  I just wish it's not phased out.

Last weekend (one of  my Pantene hunting moments) I went to Unimart and found this: 

It's imported from the US costs P295.00 but I told myself I should buy and give it a try.  For the past weeks I switched to Tresemme Smooth & Shine shampoo and conditioner, but I miss using Pantene.  Though Tresemme also tamed frizz without weighing my hair down, but in the back of my mind I still wanted to use Pantene.  I used the Pantene Smooth and Sleek shampoo (no conditioner available for that variant, since it's not really locally available) and Pantene 3-minute miracle (right away): And I love it!  It's really a different kind or feeling of softness and smoothness whenever I used Pantene.  For the meantime, I can use this as a replacement for the Silky smooth variant.  (Keeping my fingers crossed that they will not phase it out) I think I should to go back to Unimart and buy 2 more bottles of Shampoo.
How about you? Do you also love Pantene?  Or do you know where I can get the Pantene Silky smooth care variant?


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