Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chunky Bracelets for 2013♥

Sparkles, green, gold and more chunky accessories in my 2013 Collection.

Since Emerald is this year's Color of the year I combined Green and Gold and to add some glitter and shine: crystals, acrylic beads... 

You will never go wrong with BLACK!

Chunky beads with teardrop dangling crystals... Classic look you can wear it at WORK/DAY/NIGHT!

Find them at and view the rest of the collection: Fabulousity by Chiq Santos♥ - Pre Spring 2013 Collection

For me this year: The CHUNKIER the better!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's Go... Green!

Let's go... Green!  

We always connect GREEN with nature, environment and life... 

It's a color of HOPE!  

I remember when I first blogged about Pantone's color forecast for 2013: I was amazed that my choice, ended up as the Color of the year. (Emerald / Jade)

Be in style and add some GREEN accessories to your collection!  

Friday, January 11, 2013


Twenty, Bente, Dalawampu... whatever we call it: it's 20!

Today, January 11, 2013 is my 20th year of working.  I was 21 when i entered the company in 1993, and was given a task to handle the cost accounting section.  Accounting work is very tedious... you really need a lot of patience in doing it.    For my first few weeks of working I remember, I wanted to give up already.  But my Ate told me that I have to be strong and prove to them that I can do it!  And that really helped me do my best and work hard to prove to them that I am an asset of the company.  At the moment I am handling to sections: Cost Accounting and Client's Inquiry
Come December 2013 on our annual Christmas party... an additional Plaque for my 20 years of service to the company will be added to my collection. ;)


Tuesday, January 08, 2013

First LOOK for 2013♥

One of the features of my online shop is the LOOKBOOK.  It's a DIY photos that would help my clients, friends, followers in creating their own personal style, and would show them how to incorporate my accessories to their outfit.  

Since Gossip Girl ended its season last year... I made Blair Waldorf as my peg to open the year 2013 Lookbook.  


I simply called the look BLAIR♥.  The Leaves print dress and sunglasses are from Mango's new collection for 2013; Bowie pumps from Sugarfree Philippines; Bag: YSL chyc cabas medium and of course for the accessories: Fabulousity by Chiq Santos♥ Rio De Janeiro ring, Cherry and cream mixed bracelets and "In the navy" headband from Little Fab Closet by Fabulousity by Chiq♥

Hello Kitty Themed Christmas presents♥

I wanted my gifts to be unique and cute...

And since I adore Hello Kitty I decided to Kittify my gifts for Christmas 2012!

My Hello Kitty themed Christmas gifts / giveaways♥   Honestly I enjoyed doing this... and those who received them loved it!♥

I wanted pastel and neon colors combined so i chose this colors pink and green... Gift wrapper-Hallmark (pink and green with white damask print ) from National bookstore. Ribbons i used organza (it's easier to tie and cheaper than satin ribbon): pink, green and white.  For the card i wanted it to be personalized, i found this cute Hello Kitty online and downloaded it! With captions: "Fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

Green version♥

Pink version♥

Aside from that I also have these biscuit giveaways!  And its really sooo cute!  These biscuits are strawberry filled with Hello Kitty prints on the biscuit itself (got it from SM supermarket)!♥  Put them inside an air tight container I got from Robinsons Metro East department store.

Monday, January 07, 2013

What's new in 2013?

Happy 2013! 

I know it's a bit late...well it's better late than never!
Been busy during the Christmas holiday... that's why I wasn't able to update my blog. There are a lot of things to share...

So what's new in 2013?  

This year I will be celebrating my 20th year in Sta.Lucia Realty & Dev., Inc.  I can't imagine that I've been in the company for that long... Well I started working when I was 21... now in a couple of days I'll be turning 41 also.  Two milestones for me! ;)

There will be a lot of changes for this year... well I or I can say WE are still coping for the loss of our beloved Lola...  But I know we're trying our best to move forward...

For resolutions: Healthy lifestyle... more veggies, exercise... less facebooking...(hahaha...)  to a lot more time for my online store... Save more and spend less! ;)

I hope and pray that this will be a good year for all of us!

Credits: hellokittyjunkie.com for the photo.

Creamy pesto pasta with grilled chicken

Last new year's eve I was thinking of what to cook for our NYE dinner at my sister's house... We had my ever popular lasagna on our Christmas dinner which was truly a family fave, I have been doing that since I was in college. This year a new pasta fave was born. I first did this when I hosted a dinner for my Balikbayan grade 3 friend Desiree: my menu for that night was BBQ baby back ribs and Creamy pesto pasta with grilled chicken.
Preparation time!

The Finish product: Creamy pesto pasta with grilled chicken & crisp bacon♥

Everyone had a happy tummy after! ;)

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Sa Araw ng Pasko!

I just want to share our Christmas 2012 Party video presentation on which we won 2nd prize.  Every year the company require us to prepare production number, but this year for a change we did a music video.

Watch and Enjoy!

Group 1: Departments: Accounting, Auditing, Collection, CTS and Treasury

K-POP Fever!

Gangnam style dance and Korean pop stars were really one of the biggest hits this 2012.  (I thought Korean fever are just for Korean novela which i admit - I'm a big fan!)  Aside from learning about Gangnam online, I am quite familiar of this K-pop fever through my niece.  She's totally addicted to it.  Not only the music but also K-pop fashion.  

That is why when our company chose K-pop theme for our annual christmas party... I am totally ready for it! Of course I did my research for Korean styling and make up, I also consulted my niece.

Korean fashion: On the extreme! Extremely colorful or all-black, punk, and edgy-look. Pile on accessories, and add anything metallic like a jacket!

For make up: No blush, no bronzer... BB cream is the secret (for K Pop stars: flawless skin is very important since they prefer perfect looking skin), no colorful eyeshadow - most important is a well defined eye: extremely black cat-eye liner and for a more glamorous look add glitter.

I thought my K-Pop adventure ends there... but last December 29, 2012: I went to the K-Pop convention held at PICC forum to accompany my niece. 

I never really expected that there will be a lot of teens so addicted to K-Pop! We arrived at PICC at about 9:30am and I saw this ocean of teens all lined up at the venue.  We were able to get inside the hall at 11:00am.

All lined-up to get inside PICC Forum 1 to 4
Here's what you see inside...

Ysh, my niece just bought a couple of posters and a Chikara beanie/hat and at about 12 noon we were done!

I told her that during my teen days... I never really experienced doing this... I too was so addicted to Menudo that time, but none of my titas did this to me!  I told her she's really lucky that I am her Tita/Ninang! ;)

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