Friday, May 23, 2014

Hello Kitty Bubbly World♥

When I saw this feature on Yahoo I immediately contacted Mcdonald's Singapore if they can ship these cuties here in the Philippines.  Unfortunately they cannot, the promo is within Singapore only.  It's so sad that most of the Hello Kitty stuff (collector's item) are not offered here in Mcdonald's Philippines I wonder why? Hmmmm....

For the 40th Anniversary of Hello Kitty: Mcdonald's Singapore came up with these Hello Kitty Bubbly world dolls.  These ball shaped plushies: Hello Kitty and dressed up in a hoddie with her friends Keroppi, My Melody, Pom pom purin, Monchiki, Tuxedo Sam and Badz-Maru. 

Photo credit: McDonalds Singapore

When you order all 6 plushies online you get 40th anniversary certificate... I feel bad because it's not going to happen here in Manila.  And starting April 28 and every Monday of the week a new plushy will be out on stores at $4.95sgd for every value meal purchase. (so that will be approximately P178.20 or P180.00 each)  For every visit you can buy a maximum of 4 dolls.

Fortunately some of my friends who recently had a holiday in Singapore got me two of these babies... (gosh, I'm still wishing that I'll be able to complete them)  

Photo credit: McDonalds Singapore
My Keroppi♥ #1

Photo credit: McDonalds Singapore
My Melody♥ #2
So it's two down and 4 to go... Still hopeful though that I will able to complete all the designs...  to have my own Bubbly world.♥

Photo credit: McDonalds Singapore

Photo credit: McDonalds Singapore
Photo credit: McDonalds Singapore

Photo credit: McDonalds Singapore

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cleaning your cherished Pandora♥

Let's start it this way, we all know that Pandora  bracelet and charms are made of sterling silver.  And these usually tarnish in time or easily when you don't take good care of it.  We must always remember not to put lotion, perfume, don't use it while bathing: this is actually not only for Pandora jewelries but also for plated jewelries or accessories.

After using my Pandora for a couple of months I started to notice that it's starting to lose it luster.  I researched online, on how to care and clean it.  Even though Pandora jewelries are only made of high quality sterling silver: honestly these cuties do not come cheap.  Bracelets or bangles here in Manila costs about P4,500.00 (silver) to P15,000.00 (two tone:sterling silver + 14k gold) and charms ranges from P1,920.00 to P9,000.00.  And for that price I want it to always be looking like new!

One of the articles I read is that: one can use mild soap and toothbrush to clean it or even baking soda.  But I am afraid to try that since it might ruin the bracelet. (I don't want to put solutions or chemicals since it might interact with the material)  Then another one says i should use a silver polishing cloth: well this is what I am very anxious to try.  The next problem is: Where can I buy a silver polishing cloth?  So I tried to look for one asking every jewelry store in the mall.  And I am lucky to find one at Silverworks at P50.00 for an 8cm x 8cm silver polishing cloth.  When I got home I started the cleaning...

This is how my Pandora bracelet looks like before using the Premium polishing cloth

Rub, rub, rub... and whoala! (Note: your fingers will turn black because of the powder on the polishing cloth)  It worked! Now it's shiny and regained it's luster!  Now my Pandora bracelet and charms looks sparkly clean and new! :)

After cleaning it with Premium polishing cloth
Closer look on my Pandora charm bracelet

Tidbits:  Silver polishing cloth or Premium polishing cloth is not washable.  You have to store it inside the carton case after each use.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mini me bags♥

Have been always a lover of huge bags... (Maybe because I have a lot of "abubot"*).  Though I really adore cute things... like miniature perfume bottles, lipsticks... anything that is the mini version of something except for bags.  But lately I am slowly becoming a fan of "mini me" bags.  

Here are some of the "mini me bags" that I have been eyeing for. (Guess I need to round them up to my 5 top picks!)

1. Louis Vuitton Alma BB bag: comes in epi leather, classic monogram canvas, damier ebene canvas and monogram vernis.  Dimension: 9.8"W x 7.5"H x 4.3"D.  Of course if it's from Louis Vuitton it does not come cheap. Monogram and Damier Canvas $1,200.00usd, Epi leather $1,590.00usd and Monogram vernis and Epi Electric leather $1,820.00usd

My personal choice is the LV Alma bb epi!  It's undeniably gorgeous! Love the bright colors... All bags come with a cross body detachable straps, making it a two way bag.  

LV alma bb epi leather (Photo credit: Google)

LV alma bb canvas damier ebene (Photo credit: Google)

LV alma bb canvas monogram (Photo credit: Google)

LV alma bb monogram vernis (Photo credit: Google)

2. Celine nano bag: Well I think Celine was the first one who came up with the mini version of bags.  I love the celine mini or micro luggage version I am very hesitant though, since I have a lot of stuff.  And I need something that i could carry on my shoulders.  Dimension: 8″H x 8″W x 4″D and costs around $2,300.00usd.

Celine nano bag in Fluo pink: I love this color! (Photo credit: Google)

3. Balenciaga mini city: I really find this bag totally gorgeous than the Balenciaga classic giant city.  One of my cousins have this bag it was so cute! Dimension: 9"W x 6.2"H x 3.5D and costs $1,395.00usd. Comes with a detachable strap and mirror.

Balenciaga Arena gold 12 Mini city (Photo credit:Google)

4. Mango saffiano-effect tote bag: If you are looking for a not so expensive bag, this Mango cutie bag is for you. It is shaped like the LV Alma bag and made of saffiano leather. It is available in three colors: Black, Navy Blue and Beige, and comes with a detachable strap. Costs Php2,450.00.

Mango saffiano-effect tote bag (Photo credit:

5. Mango small bowling bag: I love bowling bags... and this one really caught my eye!  Simply because it's animal print. It's now on sale at Php1,150.00! (from Php1,750.00).  This also comes with a detachable strap.

Mango small bowling bag (Photo credit:
Actually there's a lot more "mini-me" bags that are really gorgeous, but I need to cut down my choices to 5! The likes of Furla candy bag, Prada saffiano mini tote, Givenchy nightingale mini... and etc.

*abubot - paraphernalia

Friday, May 09, 2014

Ooh Summer!♥

Best thing I love about summer!

Add some pop of colors to your summer outfit...

Visit Fabulousity by Chiq♥ for fabulous summer jewelries!

Bits: When you go out... always put on sunscreen!
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