Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sunnies for the sunny day!♥

One of my summer must-have aside from sun-block are my sunnies or sunglasses.  We have to protect our eyes from UV rays. Sunnies comes in different styles and shapes, it really depends on the shape of your face : what is suitable for you.  Aviators, wayfarers, round and catseye are the trend this year.  

But you don't really need to buy a pair every year, as long as you care for them it will surely last a long time.  I remember my first branded sunnies is a Calvin Klein catseye tortoiseshell which I bought in the 90's... i can still use it.  No scratches and still looking like new... very vintage!

I tried checking my dresser shelf where i keep them... and whoala!  I realized i have a couple of pairs...  guess i now need a nice organizer for these babies! :)

My most recent purchases are Super Lucia and Catseye big frame sunnies from Mango.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


At last I had to time to update my blog!

Last week I received an invite from Ms. Yna of Mango-Eastwood: Mango VIP Sale - 20% off if you get 3 items.  I was so excited and can't wait to visit the store... I'm a Certified Mango addict since Mango opened their shop here in the Philippines.  I remember I used to go to Edsa Shangrila Mall just to shop for clothes.  Now it only takes me 15 minutes from home to Eastwood. (shops are within reach)

I really love their summer collection!  When I went to the store I really don't know what to get... almost all of them are nice, want to grab everything! (*wink)  I have told Ms. Kelly Santos - Mango's Country supervisor that I'll be "purita" soon... Of all seasons.. Mango's Summer collection is always the best!  Very trendy, vibrant colors, high quality everything you've always wanted for a summer ensemble: really fit for the stylish you!  And now it's more affordable, there are dresses that costs almost the same as our local clothes brand.

I got 4 items... and i wanted to go back before the 28th... hopefully i have the enough budget to purchase again!  (1 dress, 1 trouser, 1 blouse, 1 shorts)

Visit any Mango store and avail the 20% off for every 3 or more items purchased.  It's really worth it! 

*All the staff especially those from Eastwood and Mega Mall are all very nice and treats you like a princess!

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