Friday, November 28, 2014

Colors for Spring/Summer 2015♥

Photo credit: Fashionishing website
Couple of weeks before we say "au revoir" to 2014.  Usually during the last quarter of the year I make it a point to visit sites like Pantone, Fashionishing and other fashion websites to have a sneak peek on the upcoming trends for the coming year.  Well Fashion is really my Passion.  I may be an accountant but arts and fashion is my first love.  

Last year's color of the year from Pantone was Radiant Orchid.  

This year they released color palettes for Spring/Summer 2015: expect cool, subtle, soft and neutral shades.  So expect the color of the year will somewhat be within these colors. 

  • Aquamarine : they named this as the lead color for the women.  "Airy blue with dreamy feel".
  • Scuba blue : Turquoise! very playful color! (one of my favorite shades of blue very fresh and cool)
  • Lucite Green : the simple way to explain what color is this - Mint!
  • Classic blue : Calming, but also considered as a strong and reliable color (so expect denims in the next season)
  • Toasted Almond : Tanned or sun-tanned very neutral. Gives perfect spring and summer feel.
  • Strawberry ice : Sweet, tasty and tasteful... this color is very appealing to me because I love Pink!♥
  • Tangerine : Fun-loving and this shade will always make you smile. Tangy and a happy shade.
  • Custard : Delicious and delightful yellow. Gives sweet, sunny and a very cheerful tone.
  • Marsala : "Red Brown" natural earthiness.
  • Glacier gray : Timeless shade, peaceful and relaxing..
Well my personal take on the color of the year 2015... for me i think it's within the shades of blue. (hope i'll get it again this time)  Because last year and in 2012 my choices were Violet and Green, and the colors were within the shade of what became that year's color (Radiant orchid in 2013 and Emerald green in 2012)

Now if you're going Christmas shopping this will guide you on what colors or shades to get or you may now check your closets and baul (chest) and look for outfits that you can reuse for the coming year!

Credit: Pantone for the color trends for Spring / Summer 2015

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Review: FC bio sanitary pads♥

Well I rarely try on new things, yes I admit I am not a risk taker. I am super "sigurista" and afraid to try on new products, that is why I seldom do product reviews.  For the past 2 months I have missed my monthly "P" but at 42 I am aware that sooner or later I will be experiencing perimenopause.  I did my assignment and researched about it.  But when I told my cousin about this: she told me I was too young to have early menopause since I'm only 42 and her office mate is already 46 and still have her monthly P.  I was kind of bothered about this, though my older sister had hormonal imbalance when she reached the age of 40.  So maybe it's in our genes, but of course in the back of my mind I am still thinking about it.  Then i read about this FC bio sanitary pads.

FC bio sanitary pads is specially formulated with natural herbs its a product from Malaysia now in the Philippines.  At first I am very hesitant to try it, but after the reading the reviews I told myself why not give it a try. (it's FDA approved)

According to the reviews I read: FC relieves menstrual pain and regulates menstrual cycle. It's deodorized, and have anti-bacterial properties which prevents infections, improves uterus contractions and enhances our immune system.  

So I ordered FC bio sanitary pantyliners online:  P190.00 for 20 pads.  It's 100% cotton layer and herbal scented (16cm pad), you can really smell the natural herbs on it.  I used my first liner last Monday: it's has a fresh, minty feel (cooling) down there.  Tuesday my day#2: in the afternoon: to my surprise I got my first menstrual flow after 2 months. (What a relief!)

Will I recommend this? Definitely YES!

From what I read online about this if you have on of these problems: FC bio sanitary pad is the answer.  
Which One Is Your Problem ?? Dysmenorrhoea Yellow Discharge Leukorrhea Irregular Menstrual Cycle Menstrual Pain Itchiness Infection Trichomoniasis Red Rashes Genital Warts Bad Odor Discharge Blood Clot Edometriosis

Make Money at :
Which One Is Your Problem ?? Dysmenorrhoea Yellow Discharge Leukorrhea Irregular Menstrual Cycle Menstrual Pain Itchiness Infection Trichomoniasis Red Rashes Genital Warts Bad Odor Discharge Blood Clot Edometriosis

Make Money at :
Which One Is Your Problem ?? Dysmenorrhoea Yellow Discharge Leukorrhea Irregular Menstrual Cycle Menstrual Pain Itchiness Infection Trichomoniasis Red Rashes Genital Warts Bad Odor Discharge Blood Clot Edometriosis

Make Money at :
Which One Is Your Problem ?? Dysmenorrhoea Yellow Discharge Leukorrhea Irregular Menstrual Cycle Menstrual Pain Itchiness Infection Trichomoniasis Red Rashes Genital Warts Bad Odor Discharge Blood Clot Edometriosis

Make Money at :

FC bio sanitary pads is also available in: Day use (24.5cm with wings) and Night use (30cm with winge) sanitary pads.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ballet flats for me (at last)♥

I never wore flats ever since I started working in the 90's.  I love wearing sky high heels..(5 inches the highest I've tried) which often times my mom would tell me: Aren't you afraid of slipping? ("Hindi ka ba natatakot matalisod?") But as I grow older, oh well when I reached my 40's (two years ago):  (and when) I started experiencing back and leg pains I then realized and told myself "Maybe it's about time, I should limit myself in wearing high heels shoes."  Wearing high heels really helped me boost my confidence, improve my body posture and elongates my legs making it look longer and leaner.  And of course it really goes well with every outfit.  But I am afraid of developing bunion and hammer toe as well as deformity that may happen to my knee joints.  

Honestly, I can't really find the right "flat shoes" or "ballet flats" that will not hurt my leg and feet.  Since I am used in wearing heels it's really hard to shift from high heels to flat shoes.  And at the same time since I am a size 8 with wide feet I really don't like my feet looking like a "barko" (ship) which my Tita used to tell me (that is for having a wide feet).

Searching for the right one: Well I tried a lot of brands from high ends like Tory Burch and MK's to our local shoe brands (Janylin, Rusty Lopez, Primadonna). Found TB's Caroline flats very enticing but it's quite expensive Php12,250.00 at Rustan's department store (but of course that will still form part of my wish list).

On one of my malling days at Edsa Shang-rila: we went to CMG to look for a low cut boots for my niece,   there are a couple of ballet flats displayed:  so I tried on their foldable ballet flats...

CMG foldable flats in navy blue comes with a cute orange box

And next was history! (*wink) I totally LOVED it!♥  It's soft, lightweight and gorgeous. (Most importantly I fits my feet well without looking like a "barko" ...ahahaha)  It comes in variety of colors: Black, Royal blue, Navy blue, Silver, Gold, Red, Nude, Brown) and costs Php1,999.00.  It's not bad anymore as compared to the high end brands : It's stylish but definitely comfortable to wear.  Actually I bought 2 pairs the black and navy blue.  :)
Comfy and soft insole and elastic trim

Rubber soles

Happy feet!  Happy me! ♥

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fabchq LookBook for Holiday 2014♥

My holiday style bets for 2014.  I have not updated my lookbook for quite a while.  Here are my last style hoorrah before the year ends. 



Vampy baby doll

Holiday floral

Monday, November 17, 2014

P&P Holiday 2014 Preview♥

Two reasons why I wanted to go to the Holiday preview of Plains & Prints:
  1. To be the first to have the holiday dress that I am eyeing for; and
  2. Avail their new partnership card. 
I made it yesterday at Shang-rila Mall!  Got the Iman dress, glad they still have my size (I'm a medium).  Traffic was worse: from our place going to Ortigas, but it's worth it! 

More reds, orange, blues on the clothes racks... The dress comes with the usual P&P box, but for this Holiday season it was designed by one the country's well-known designer Rhett Eala which was also a part of their creative team (in line with their 20th anniversary on 2015).  I also got a couple of perks yesterday, aside from the complimentary cupcakes and bottled water for the shoppers: I also received a 2015 Limited edition desk calendar and of course "Partnership card"

P&P Partnership card:

 This replaces their Prestige discount card: on which you get 10% for all cash / 5% for credit card purchases.  They call it as the new "Partnership card": how it work?  It's a points earning card (though for me I wanted the old one since I get the 10% discount right away) like the SM advantage, FSP card of Rustans & etc.  For every purchase: you get 10% of the value of the item you buy - That goes to your e-purse which you can use on your next purchase as a discount or you can accumulate it to buy any of their products.  

Example: If you purchase the Iman dress which costs P1,798.00 you don't get a discount but 10% of the amount i.e., P179.80 goes to your e-purse which you can use on your next purchase.  

How to avail? : It's free during the Preview they will just replace your old discount card (No minimum amount of purchase).  But according to the sales staff after the Preview there will be a minimum purchase required to all Prestige cardholders and non-cardholders.   

P&P 2015 Limited edition packaging, partnership card & 2015 calendar

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tropical mood♥

Today's muse: 

Tropical mood!

Wearing my Inca Priestess Bauble bar necklace for the first time.  Got a lot of compliments.. I'm so happy!
Wore it with Mango top, Stradvarius jacket and Guess denim jeans.

Pope Francis visits Manila in 2015♥

Photo from Google

It's all over the news!  His Holiness is coming to Manila on January 2015.  What makes it very special? He's arriving on my birthday! (January 15: exactly 60 days from today).  This event will be memorable not only to me but also to all the Catholics here in the Philippines. 

Birthday wish: to be able to see him in person.  I didn't have the chance to see (in person) Pope John II on his Manila visits because I don't have the means... but I watched almost all the coverages of his visit on television.  I hope this time I will have a glimpse of Pope Francis. (extra na If i could bless his hand: super wish!)

Vatican also released his itinerary:

January 15, 2015  : Arrival at NAIA at 5pm;
January 16, 2015 : Pope Francis will be officially welcomed by President Aquino at Malacañan Palace, followed by a meeting with diplomatic corps.; Mass at the Manila Cathedral after his Malacañan visit and the proceeds to Mall of Asia for an encounter with families;
January 17, 2015 : Visits the Yolanda survivors: Tacloban city and Palo Leyte;
January 18, 2015 : Meeting the young people at UST, then he will go to Luneta park for this concluding Mass;
January 19, 2015 : Departure of Pope for Rome

To get more information regarding the Pope's visit in Manila you may visit this website: Papal Visit Philippines

Thursday, November 13, 2014

P&P Holiday 2014 preview♥

So happy! They will also have it at Shangrila Mall.  And it's happening tomorrow! 

I was not able to make it last week at their preview in Trinoma.  I am excited to see some of the new holiday dresses that Plains and Prints is offering this year.  I have visited their Sta. Lucia Branch to browse their catalogue.  Loving the Shanghai maxi dresses, Iman dress one Anne is wearing on the photo above and Hanna SL dress.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Taste of Christmas♥

It's finally back!  Starbucks holiday drinks... I missed you so much "Peppermint Mocha" frapuccino.  And my journey to their 2015 Planner begins today.  I don't know why I am so drawn on collecting planners. (Not necessarily Starbucks) But I started my Starbucks planner collection back in 2008 now I have 7 Starbucks planners (plus Hello Kitty and others). And I don't actually use or write on them, I just want to see them piled together on my book shelf.

Taste of Christmas: I love peppermint! It's refreshing taste...(mmmm) Remember the white and red (swirl) candies every Christmas?  It's minty and sweet.  Truly something I always look forward to, in my younger days.  Since my parents really don't allow us eating sweets... Christmas is an exception. (*wink!)  

Peppermint mocha: Crushed peppermint candy sprinkled on top of the mocha frapuccino: at P170.00 for a tall size.  Their other holiday drinks are: Toffee nut latte, Christmas cookie latte.

So it's sticker #1 for me for the holiday drinks... and a lot more to go! (Good luck to me!)

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