Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hello Kitty: an English girl!♥

So what if Hello Kitty is not a cat? This news has been trending worldwide.  I am a Hello Kitty lover/fan or whatever you may call it (and I am a self-confessed "afraid of real cats").  This does not make me "hate nor less like" her.  Does not even bother or confuse me at all.  Hello Kitty is a fictional cartoon character, Sanrio (creator) have all the right in making her identity.  If they say that she's a girl let's all respect that, like any other cartoon character.

 It's like this: some people believe that Hello Kitty is Japanese because it was created by Sanrio (Japanese company) but Hello Kitty was born in London, England on November 1, 1974, so she's an English girl. Her name is Kitty White: parents George and Mary White and has a twin sister named Mimmy (the one that wears a yellow bow on the left ear).  She has a pet white persian cat named Charmmy kitty.

Grandma Margaret, Mama Mary, Papa George, Grandpa Anthony, Mimmy and Kitty

For me Kitty is a girl.. and whatever she is or she might be, I  will always be a fan!♥

I love HELLO KITTY forever!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Playing with braids♥

This season Fabulousity by Chiq♥ introduces these colorful braided clay bracelets.  Braided cord embellished with clay bead with pave crystals, magnetic enclosure.  These arm candies will surely perk up your whole ensemble.  It comes in 10 gorgeous colors.

Play with your braids! You can wear it alone,  pile them together or stack with your favorite wrist wear!

Monday, August 11, 2014

My first Pottery Barn Manila visit♥

Pottery Barn opens up it's first Manila shop.  It is an American-based home furnishing store wholly owned subsidiary of Williams-Soloma, Inc.  Stores Specialists Inc. who is known for bringing high-end shops here in our country: is the culprit for bringing this well-known shop here in the Philippines.

Actually my friend Dhimples from the US introduced me to this shop: she works for there.  For somebody who have not traveled to America, I only get to see the stuff from Pottery Barn via web.

Being a frustrated interior designer, I always go to places and shops like this. The shop opened last July, but really don't have time to visit it until yesterday.

Still obsessed with jewelry organizers!!! These two boxes caught my eyes right away!   Love at first sight...

But will still need to save some more to afford them.  The blue leather jewelry box sells at P19,500.00 and the cream (smaller one) at P10,500.00.  It's more of a chest than a jewelry box.

Every thing was beautiful... from candles, glass wares, vases, frames, beddings, pillow cases and etc...

Find Pottery Barn Philippines at the new Central Square Mall Bonifacio Global City.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Fabulousity by Chiq♥ turns 3!

I really can't believe that I'll get this far!  I am very thankful to those who patronize and support my online shop!♥  It actually started as a hobby... Now it's 3 years old already.

Yes I got the name Fabulousity from Kimora Lee Simmons "Fabulosity" which means "fabulosity is about being the best at everything, looking fabulously sexy, having the best things, flaunting your fabulousness, and loving yourself and/or other fabulous people around you. Only a select few out of the whole human population are fabulous enough to live in "fabulosity"*
 I used to watch her reality show on TV... and she really inspired me to have my own shop.  I am a lover of her Baby phat bags before.  Another personalities that inspired me to create my own accessories were Betsey Johnson and Tarina Tarrantino.  I so love their unique jewelries and accessories.

It was my childhood dream to have my own boutique...and even though it's just a small online store, I am happy and contented with it!

Accessories are really icing to any outfit!  Women can never have enough accessories!

Bits: Fabulousity by Chiq♥ is having my annual birthday sale: click here

*reference: Urban dictionary

Monday, August 04, 2014

Let's do some grocery shopping with Chanel♥

More of Chanel Fall 2014 Collection.  Grand Palais was turned into a faux supermarket as the models walk the runway carrying their newest grocery inspired collection.  On my previous post I have already featured the costume jewelries for Fall 2014, now here are the bags!♥  Who would have thought that someone  will choose "supermarket or grocery" as an inspiration, it's only Karl Lagerfeld.    These are my choices, honestly some of it did not impress me at all. (Sorry!)

Classic Chanel lambskin flap bag were presented like fresh meat.  With tags like 100% Agneau (lamb)...

If the grocery basket would be as fabulous as this... I would love to go and shop everyday!  

Sweet as a candy, Chanel candy clutch! I really find this so dainty... 

Psychedelic pattern handbag... What I love about this was the pattern: very cool!

The egg carton bag, which was not really a bag but a jewelry organizer!

Milk bag!♥ Love cute  and very unique...

Supermarket trolley bag... I love this to bits!!! How glam it is to walk around the "palengke" with this! "Sosyal"!

Photo credit: Google

Friday, August 01, 2014

Chanel: Fall 2014 Costume jewelries♥

Being a lover of accessories I always make it a point to update myself with the latest trend in costume jewelry.  Of course, my favorite designer brand Chanel recently introduced their Fall 2014 Collection, models in tweed ensemble wore these fabulous pieces.  Last season (Spring/Summer 2014) they have introduced their jumbo pearl line.  And this season their popular plexiglass cuffs is making a comeback as well as, tons of multi-strand pearl (which Chanel is known for) and chain necklaces.

Chanel grocery plexiglass cuff

Chanel plexiglass baroque cross & glass pearl cuff

Chanel candy plexiglass cuff

Chanel metal can bracelet
Chanel chain and padlock necklace
Chanel chain fringes necklace
Chanel gold and silver chain necklace
Chanel multi strand black & white pearl necklace
Chanel multi strand pearl necklace
As you can see some of the accessories are grocery or supermarket inspired just like the bags:  presented on their Fall 2014 fashion show in Grand Palais.

To see more of the outstanding costume jewelry of Chanel click here:

Photo credit: Google
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