Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Woods♥

Look#7: The Woods
Still on the earthy tones for Fall... Chose the dress for its Forestry print, which is actually the focal point of the whole look. 
Outfit from Mango: Landscape print oversize dress, added gold accessories from Fabulousity by Chiq♥'s Timeless Tortoise and Fall/Winter 2013 Collection to spice up the whole ensemble.  
Finished it up with Mango Touch's ankle boots and a leather clutch(which are really a must-have this season).

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Someone did this to me..

Now I know how it feels...  Just experienced it this morning.  SAD and pissed!  I posted pictures of the bracelets I sell on my online shop and in a matter of minutes... it appeared on somebody else's online store. 

She grabbed my photos directly from my facebook page.  Well, I guess it's my fault since I forgot to put watermarks on my photos.  

Lesson learned...

Maybe if she asked me if she could use my photo... I would have allowed her... But photo grabbing without the permission of the owner...Haay... really synonymous to STEALING!  It's a personal property of the person who took the photo.  I'm 100% sure it was my photo, because I am the one who took it, on top of my worktable...(I should know...)

At times, yes we grab photos from the internet, websites and etc... I do that sometimes for my blog... but I give credit to the site where I got the photos...  

Maybe she does not know what R-E-S-P-E-CT means...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cobalt blue + Zebra print♥

 I have a meeting to attend today.  Office uniform from Monday to Friday I always look forward going to work on Saturdays because I will be able to do some fashionising for myself.  For today for a change I need to go to work on civilian clothes...Corporate business attire: I don't want to wear the good-classic black trouser and a plain or printed top.  That's really too boring for me! So I went for Zebra prints trousers: since it's more on black and white/animal prints this season and to add some pop of color a Cobalt blue blouse and of course a black tailored blazer (the whole ensemble are from Mango).  

High heel pumps from Lady Rustan (excuse the stained vinyl office floor)
 Nowadays it's really hard to find a comfortable high heel pumps, our company does not allow us to wear peep toe shoes... good thing I found this high heel pumps with 1-1/2" platform at Lady Rustan (Rustan's department store-Edsa Shangrila).  

To top it all, of course I will never forget to accessorize! 

 Bag: Michael Kors Black Python Tote 
Arm candies: Cartier double headed panthere bangle and MMJ turnmock candy bracelet 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Brown hues♥

New Look from Fabulousity by Chiq♥ - Lookbook 2013

Brown hues, earth tones: most common color during Fall / Autumn season.  

Scarf, baroque, regal, vintage prints...

Ankle boots or knee high boots...

Chain links, huge chains...(necklaces and bracelets)

For the bracelets, please visit Fabulousity by Chiq♥

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Plaid or checkered prints are back for FALL/WINTER 2013!

I really love the red checkered trouser that I got from Mango. In the 90's I remember having same red trouser...In fashion everything goes round in circles... I am into printed bottoms instead of wearing jeans/denims.  Matched it with black top and blazer both from MNG also.  

For the accessories: Gold bangle + Cross pendant necklace (both from MNG also).  Bucket shoes from Ferretti. 

Yes, I love Mango... love all of their clothes and accessories... I am a Mango addict since they opened their first store here in the Philippines...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Let this be our PRAYER♥

It's been 3 days since a 7.2 earthquake hit the Visayas region.  I was at home (since its a holiday) when my mom asked me to open the television so we can hear the latest on the quake in Bohol.  When I saw the footage of the devastation especially the old and historic churches I was totally devastated.  I completely remember my experience of the July 16, 1990 earthquake that struck Manila.  

Last night I watched the Loboc children's choir sang Josh Groban's The Prayer at TV patrol its was really moving.. and then slowly tears went falling down my face... (The choir had won various awards abroad). To view the video click on the link: Loboc Children's Choir moves nation to tears from

Goosebumps... all over as the choir sang ...(feels like angels went down from heaven) as pictures of the devastation was's a message of HOPE for all of us Filipinos...

With this we should keep the faith... Trust in the LORD...  The challenges that we are facing ... should always make us strong... We must ALL help each other to rebuild... to be one NATION!!!  And offer each day to GOD!!! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jean Clarence Santos for Gingersnaps♥

Photo entries of my nephew Jean Clarence or Lance as we call him were already approved and uploaded on Gingersnaps model search site.  Actually this was Lance's second time to join an online contest.  The first was in 2010 where he won 2nd place but unfortunately it was a bogus Facebook site and we did not get the price.  We just tried it: to see if Lance has a chance to win on any online contest.  

Lance is a looker... every where we go he always catches the attention of people.  

Lance's winning picture at Baby Talk Contest in 2010
He's now 4 years old turning 5 on December.  He is a Star Pupil in his class: K1 - Starbright at Bright Star Learning Center in Marikina City.  At 2 he can finish a 15 piece puzzle, aside from that he loves reading.  
For toys: He loves Thomas the train, he enjoys constructing the wooden tracks by himself, Toy Story characters and at the moment Minions are his favorite.

Here are Lance's photo entries for Gingersnaps Model Search:  I just hope he will be chosen. :)

Preppy Look

Lance loves wearing his Fedora hat

Gingersnaps prepster

You may also vote for his photos by clicking this link: Jean Clarence F. Santos: Gingersnaps Model Search 2013 Entry

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cross Jewelry for Autumn/Winter 2013♥

My fetish for accessories doesn't stop.  I love researching for new trends especially before each season.  Actually this also helps me since I run an accessories shop.  I browse fashion websites, brands and other sites that pertains to fashion.  Aside from Pearls... Cross jewelries will be dominating the Winter season of 2013.  From headpieces, necklaces to wrist wear: for the rich and regal look.  Dolce and Gabbana introduces this on their Autumn and Winter 2013 Collection.

From Ornate, extravagant designs to simple cross pendant necklaces.

Regal /Ornate Cross jewelries

Silver Cross Jewelries (photo from

Expect more fashion accessories update here... ♥

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Timeless PEARLS♥

Amongst all the precious stones aside from diamond: Pearl is considered classic and timeless!  In my younger days, I am not really a fan of pearls.  Hearing a myth from old folks back then that for single ladies, pearls represent tears, so you should not wear them.

My jeweler actually told me that isn't true.  Pearls are classic, and I can wear it on casual or formal occasion. (At the moment I have 2 pairs of South sea pearl stud and dangling pearl earrings, few faux pearls bracelet and necklace).

Recently, Chanel Gial Pearl necklaces dominated the runway at Paris Grand Galais: It featured huge bundled glass pearls necklaces and bracelets.  It was so fabulous! I love them... Chanel actually was one of the reasons why I changed my notion about pearls...

Of course, Chanel accessories really costs a fortune: that bundled glass pearl necklace costs a whooping $32,000.00 (as per Though you may find Chanel inspired pearl necklaces in the market today...

You may visit my online shop: Fabulousity by Chiq♥ for high quality, low-priced pearl necklaces inspired by Chanel's Spring / Summer 2013 Collection.

Happy Shopping Fabulous!♥

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Outfits fit for Fall / Winter 2013♥

More subdued colors during Fall and Winter season: Earthy, toned-down colors unlike during the Spring / Summer season colors where colors are more vibrant and bright.

Floral, graphic, checkered/plaid, scarf, vintage painting designs to name a few: outfits you may find on boutiques these days.

Floral: usually flowers are associated with Spring but it's a must have this season.  Floral for Fall extends til the Winter season, as noted on fashionising website: vibrant floral prints on black base, bright colors on graphic lines, regal medieval designs, earthy tones with vintage prints.

Floral on black base (Floral print flowy blouse-Mango)
Bright colors on graphic lines (Printed chiffon blouse-MNG)
Regal Medieval / Earthy tone Vintage prints (Scraf print chiffon dress-Mango)
Checkered/Plaid/Patterns: Mixing together prints and textures.  Plaids and Floral or Prints on Print.

Prints on Print (Plaid wrap blouse & Floral print miniskirt-Mango)
Animal prints: Roar! It's an every girl's must-have (not only on Fall/Winter season)... Leopard, Snake, Zebra print...As per THE ONE HUNDRED by Nina Garcia: A guide to pieces every stylish women must own: Animal print outfit is one of the 100 listed on her book. I also love animal print it's so glamorous!

Leopard Print flowing dress-Mango
Zebra Jacquard Dress-Mango
Brown hues: Earthy-tones or colors are very dominant during the Autumn/Fall season.

Brown hues (Floral print long skirt-Mango)

Ethnic print shift dress-Mango
Sweaters/Jumper/Sweatshirts: Are back for the cold months of 2013!

Printed Floral Sweatshirt-Mango
Peek-A-Boo: Sexy dressing this winter! Peek a boo slashes to show some skin... from knee up!  If you have watched Sarah Geronimo rocked a Rajo Laurel creation (Royal blue neoprene double zip slit sheath) when she sang Roar on The Voice of the Philippines Season 1.

Royal Blue Neoprene zip slit sheath by Rajo Laurel 
Sophisticated slashes - from Fashionising website
Credits: / / @rajolaurel on Instagram

Monday, October 07, 2013

100% sweetest♥

A totally romantic place to be in Quezon City: 100 Revolving Restaurant.  Located at the 33rd floor of MDC building.  Mesmerized by the view of Metro Manila...(breathtaking especially at night) My Tita used to tell me about the revolving resto in Pasig (we used to dine there)... but honestly I don't really remember the experience, since I was 2 or 3 years old that time.   

100 Revolving restaurant is 360 revolving fine dining resto: featuring Chef Jessie of Le Souffle.  

*Had Chicken Cordon Bleu (P750.00+ 10% service charge) and for dessert the famous Dark Chocolate Souffle (P300.00 + 10% service charge), iced tea (P85.00 + 10% service charge).

Price: Affordable knowing that it's a fine dining restaurant and the experience was priceless.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

OPS!Damier bracciale: Fall/Winter 2013!♥

Middle of this year I came across this brand from Italy: OPS! Objects it was introduced to me by my friend who is based in Milan.  I fell in love with it the first time I saw the bracelets.  According to her it's a popular brand in Italy, aside from bracelets they have necklaces, earrings and watches.  

The bracelet is made of anallergic resin with velvet touch finish with heart shaped silicon and steel ops charm. It has a special scent that makes it unique.  Collections include: Love, Pois, Studs, Studs Color, Rock and Lux. 

This season OPS! introduces their Damier Collection: the name speaks for itself. If we hear the word "Damier" first thing that comes into our mind is the Louis Vuitton Damier design. The new OPS! Damier Bracciali: the chain has the same material like the previous collections,  What makes it different from the old collection? The textured checkered design on heart silicon charm makes really outstanding and its sweet vanilla fragrance.

OPS! Damier Bracciale Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Textured checked design of the heart shaped silicon charm makes it unique
The Collection is available in 8 colors: Black, White, Purple, Green, Olive Green, Blue, Gray and Brick.  I love all of them, can't wait to have at least one of them for my OPS! bracelet collection.

Credits: Photos from OPS!Objects IG account.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Addiction to acrylic organizers♥

Tons and tons of accessories! From necklaces, bracelets, rings and etc. I really have lots of "abubot"... I love cute and unique things... 

Searched for an organizer that would really suit my taste.  There are different kinds made of wood, leather, carton boxes and acrylic.  And the winner is acrylic!  Why? It's neat looking... its shines when the light on my dresser touches it... my first was a lipstick organizer I bought in Sydney 2004 it still looks new.. just wash it with soap and water than wipe it with a cotton cloth... 

Yes, its pricey!  Every time I go malling, I always visit Make room, Howards, True Value, Dimensione.  Just to see all their acrylic organizers on display.  Hay.. it really costs a fortune if you get all of them.

As I went on acrylic organizers hunting: Found these acrylic containers from Daiso / Japan Home it costs P66.00 for 2 stackable round containers these are actually the first batch of the acrylic holders: I have 20 pairs of these. 

Then I found a supplier since I am on online selling: I have this Acrylic organizer which you can also use for your cosmetics.  I have a couple in my collection.  You can also get it from my store: Fabulousity by Chiq♥

My newest baby: was the 4 layer bracelet organizer I bought from Miss Bella Ph.  I love it so-so much!  Got it at P580.00, also available on 3 layer.  She also has more acrylic organizers... And I am planning to get more to house all my accessories!

This how my dresser looks at the moment: 

Love seeing my collection properly and neatly organized!

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