Thursday, August 20, 2015


Seventies fashion is back this 2015!  I'm a 70's baby (Martial law baby to be exact was born in 1972 so do the math and you will know how old I am..hehe).  So what's the seventies look?  I remember wearing flare pants and plaid top.  Retro: Mega bell bottoms, flares, fancy prints - that hippie look! (Peace men!), fringes/tassels, denims, round sunnies, Farah Fawcett hair, Charlie's Angels fashion.  

If you're a kid, young adult in the 70's - you are probably familar with the original Charlie's Angels (American Crime television series): starring - Farah Fawcett-Majors, Kate Jackson and  Jaclyn Smith, not the movie in year 2000.  They are the fashion icons of the seventies!  You can emulate their look to get that seventies style! 

Mango - Texture blouse P2,250.00 & Fringe skirt P2,750.00
Mango - Flared jeans P2,950.00 & Striped polo shirt P1,950.00
Mango - Embroidered panel blouse P2,250.00 
Zara - Polka dot trousers P2,995.00
Zara - Printed shirt P2,595.00 & Bootcut trousers P2,595.00
Zara - Fancy skirt P2,595.00
Zara - Printed tunic P2,595.00 & Faux leather pants P2,295.00
Photo credit: Plains & Prints
Photo credit: Plains & Prints
Photo credit: Plains & Prints

Better raid your mom's, tita's closet for sure you will find a classic vintage piece from the 70's.  Me, I still have the sweater that my Tita gave to me years ago. :)

Be Fab .. and groovy baby... seventies style!


(Photo credits: Mango, Zara and Plains & Prints)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chain link necklaces: Fall 2015♥

New chain link necklaces coming this Fall at Fabulousity by Chiq♥.  After the success of my Nate necklace (which was inspired by DBroussard's plexi glass necklaces that is making waves in UK)  Now comes my new chain link babies: I named it after our well-known Filipino great painters - Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo and Juan Luna.  

Luna link Necklace : Geometric shaped link long necklace, made from high quality resin, super lightweight.

Charcoal, Brick, Navy and Tortoise
Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Clear
Hidalgo link necklaces: Bold and chunky statement neck piece that is made from high quality resin and of course it is super lightweight.

I am so into these kind of necklaces, aside from being versatile: meaning you can wear it on any kind of outfit, and it does not tarnish because of its material.  So aside from my popular Nate necklace, surely these new link necklaces will also be one of the statement piece that every fab girl would love to have in her collection. 


Monday, August 17, 2015

Prayer petition at the Grotto♥

Blessed Monday to all!  I have always wished to go to Lourdes in France to see, experience and pray at the Grotto, well until now it's still a part of my wishlist. (Maybe soon..)  But praying and placing a petition to the Grotto, you can now make it online through this site: Website of the Sanctuary of the Our Lady of Lourdes.  Well I can't remember how I have learned about this website, but ever since that time I always visit it and place a prayer, even without asking for something.  The prayer petition you make / type on the site were taken and placed to the Grotto, and I can say it was very effective.  I have already shared this to my friends who were asking for prayers. 

Sorry for not sharing this right away... 

For those who have also wished to go to Lourdes in France and ask for petitions there or just say a little prayer there, but cannot afford it: this website is definitely a must visit one.

Tidbits: On the website, you may also place or light a candle at the Grotto, give donations, subscribe to their newsletter. They also have a Facebook page: Lourdes - City Church (in French)

Peace to all!


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Office cubi Revamp #1♥

Baby steps... that's my goal or maybe slowly but surely.  I am an organizing freak!  O.C. (Obsessive Compulsive) when it comes to my things, files... well I guess everything.  As much as possible I want my stuff orderly both at home and office.  I always believe that you can work properly in an organized environment.  Last week, I started revamping my office work space.  Though I cannot do the re-arranging and working all at the same time.  But I know little by little I will get there.  

First assignment: Side table 

De-clutter:  This is easier said than done (hihi).  Need to throw a couple of used or old stuff.  There are times we need to let go of our old things, because it really eats up space (except for those with a little sentimental value which we need to weigh: which is important and not-so important).  From there you can start.  

Reuse / Refurbish:  Instead of buying new containers or folder organizers, I just wrapped the old ones, and Whoala! It looks new again.  Used old desk calendar holder/case as mat by wrapping them with black cartolina and plastic cover.  For the used bond papers, we use the blank side in photo copying and the others I cut them to make small memo pads. 

Black and white with a touch of hot pink of course is my color peg (excuse the green expanding folders, I have no choice but to use them, they are office issued supplies), just like my work table at home.  The white plastic baskets / CD containers:  I got them from Daiso store just below our office at P88.00 each where I placed my CD library where I back up my files and reports and the other container for my current and previous years journal.  Having a yearly journal is another story, yes I keep them for future reference.  I also have another container with handle for unused plastic utensils and straw, instead of throwing them away if we have our meals delivered, so if we have a small office party we need not buy plastic utensils anymore.  The canister, used to be a mug case: now I am using it to store my instant coffee, iced tea and condiments sachet.  

Well, these are all for now... I'll be sharing my second project soon...

Happy organizing!♥


Friday, August 07, 2015

Sanrio Characters that I miss♥

I am a Sanrio fan!  Can you see they are so many... Oh my!  I am a fan but honestly I don't know them all.

Love reminiscing about Sanrio: Saving my allowance just to buy a cute stationery, pencil, pencil cap, eraser: when I was in elementary and high school.  I remember I have this Tuxedo Sam school bag and matching wallet, Hello kitty pencils, pencil case and My Melody compact mirror.  (Well I still have the compact mirror and wallet with me.. can't remember where the bag is, I blame Ondoy).  Banco Filipino - Happy Savers Club depositor; Trips to Gift gate whenever we go to Unimart in Greenhills or AliMall: heaven to me that time (until now)... seeing those cute and dainty Sanrio stuff.  

If you're a 70's or 80's baby: Who never loved Sanrio that time?

Yes, Hello Kitty is my #1 but aside from her my other favorites were My Melody, Tuxedo Sam, Kero keroppi, Kuromi, and Zashikibuta.  My sister would probably get mad at me if i will  not mention her favorite Little Twin Stars - Lala & Kiki and Tiny Poem.

Of the 7 characters two of them I don't see anymore, I think Sanrio already phased them out. No items or posts about them at the Sanrio website or even at the Hello Kitty world game (which yes I play - it de-stresses me).

For those who were not born yet in the 80's and not familiar with Tiny Poem and Zashikibuta: Meet them!

Tiny Poem : She loves to ride the breeze and plays amongst the green trees, deep in the mountains. Dandelions are her favorite flowers.  Her birthday is January 21st, created in 1976.  Real name: Sachan

Zashikibuta : I call him Zashi! This natural colored pig some times wearing a mint green scarf lives in France and has a friend mouse named Tabby.  He was born in February 2, 1983.

Miss these cuties... Good thing I still have my old pocket dictionary that is wrapped with Zashi wrapper and a Tiny Poem stamp. 

Are you familiar with them?  Or do you have a Sanrio character favorite that is no longer active now? Share it with me...


Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Fabulousity by Chiq still FAB at 4♥

I just can't imagine that my online boutique is 4 today!  I remember when I first took a plunge in the online selling world, when I got my first order in Multiply back then - I was very happy and excited. It was a really a fulfillment of a childhood dream (to have my boutique, even if it's not a physical store.. who knows maybe soon.. ), and I never expected that this dream will come true.  

From Multiply to Facebook and last year I joined Instagram.

Yes, there are ups and downs in businesses...(I was not spared from joy reservers...but I tried my best not to get affected, of course it's annoying but it's a part of selling - you will come across these kind of people)  but what I have learned from my grand parents is that you should always think positive, never give up and most importantly - be honest to your customers.  There are a lot of bogus sellers online but in order to gain the trust of someone, one should: (1) Be reliable, by doing what you say; (2) Honor your promises, if you promise to deliver on a specific day you should deliver, if unexpected delay occurs you should advice your buyer or customer right away (for sure they will understand); (3) Be consistent; (4) Be honest - always tell the truth.

I would like to thank God for His endless blessings, my family for unending support and love, and to  all my clients who also became my friends... Thanks for your continued patronage!!!♥

In line with my 4th Anniversary, I will be giving a free gift for every purchase from August 3 to 15, 2015.

So what are you waiting for?  Visit my online boutique: Fabulousity by Chiq♥ or follow me on Instagram @fabulouschq

Happy Shopping!♥


Monday, August 03, 2015

Accessories round up: July 2015♥

Hello August!  Can't wait to share what I wore last month...  Well, if you want to know right away and get updated feel free to follow me on Instagram : @fabulouschq just use this hashtag #stylingbychiq2015 or #fabchqlookbook2015.

Go, Yellow! Love wearing my yellow clic clac and Sunglow Nate necklace on black.

"Forever Young" bangle x MK watch

Add some sparkle wherever you go!

Love bangles galore!

Getting matchy matchy with Hello Kitty!♥

Two tone crazy

Precious stones x Gold

Golden moment!♥

That's all for now... Hope you like them!

Happy Styling!♥

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