Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Planner love♥: my planner journey

I love collecting notebooks, planners since year 2000.  Love writing on them, doing doodles and etc. But as for my Starbucks planner, I don't really write on them. I just want to see them all piled up on my book shelf. Just this year, I started getting addicted in dressing up my planner.  Since I love crafting and scrap booking, a new addiction is born.  

Aside from planners and notebooks I am also into colored pens:  that became so easy for me to start decorating my planner, since I have a couple of gel pens and 2 to 3 rolls of washi tapes.  Now my craft supplies is growing: brush pens, sharpie metallic pentel pens, more washi tapes, stickers and etc .

Ever new planner's my first... and now welcome the new addition to my collection.

My very own Kate Spade Wellesley rose gold planner.  I have been dying to have this! And now I have my own.  (Will try to post a review next time)♥


Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Kylie Lip kit♥

This is what's hot at the moment.  Totally sold out anywhere in the US since it's launch:  Kylie Jenner's lip kit.  The kit comes with a matte liquid lipstick and a pencil lip liner and available in 8 exciting shades. 

Candy K

Soft and warm nude color.  This is my top pick since I love nude lippies.

Dolce K

Caramel colored favorite, perfect for fair to dark skin.  Darker shade than the Candy K.

Koko K

Pale pink, pinky nude - Perfect pink for a fair skin tone. 

Posie K

The dusty mauve pink that is perfect for cool and warm skin tones.

True Brown K

The Choco brown shade: deep brown on fair skin and nude on dark skin tone.


The vibrant burnt orange shade.

Mary Jo K

The perfect RED for any skin tone.

Kourt K

Named after Kylie's sister Kourtney: in deep purple shade, very dramatic.

The lip liner has a creamy texture that glides across the lips for easy application. And the long wearing matte liquid lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients so that it will not to dry your lips.

From $29.00 (at kyliecosmetics.com) these lippies are being sold at thrice the price at more than $100.00 per kit.  

Update: Here in Manila you can purchase this much coveted lip kit online starting at P3,500.00 per kit.

Photos from Google.com


Friday, April 01, 2016

2016: Goodbye March..Hello April♥

It's April! Gosh, time really flies so fast.  We are done with the first quarter of 2016: March is quite a so-so month for me.  Lost a friend and just before the close of the month my friend's mom (whom I am really close) joined our creator too.  A little bumpy on the last week of March (which made me cancel my bucket list travel somewhere), but I am still hopeful that everything will be okay (Nothing is impossible with God).  I wish and hope that April will be a great month to all of us... filled with happy moments, good adventures, less worries and stress.

So what's in store for this month?

Wanted to start the month with something cool and exciting...that's why I thought if this...

My online boutique's #FabFridayPromo kicks-off today!  

source: Megan Hess

One of the best thing to de-stress is to SHOP! (*wink!)

Starting today and all Fridays of the month (April), my online boutique will be having a special sale -  #FabFridayPromo

Here's how it works:  All items with said hashtag (#FabFridayPromo) will be sold at a discounted price.  It should be paid on the same day or the next business day (Monday).  New set of Twelve to fifteen items will be on promo or discounted price every week.  Please note that what's on sale this Friday may or may not be on promo price next week.  So what are you waiting for? Visit my Instagram @fabulouschq or my facebook page: Fabulousity by Chiq♥ 

Happy Shopping!♥

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