Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Accessory Styling by Chiq♥

I am very thankful because all of the accessory styling that I do and share on my Instagram account were appreciated by not only my friends but also my followers whom i don't know personally.  Aside from styling them to promote the items that I sell on my online shop, i really love doing it! 

From my Lookbook on Fabulousity by Chiq now comes ... Styling by Chiq♥

This is where i share my accessory styling talent... (i believe that its a gift! i just mix everything... if it suits my eyes... i post it right away)

Here are some that garnered a couple of ♥ or likes and are regrammed...

For more accessories styling ideas... just follow my instagram @fabulouschq or like my facebook page: www.faceboook.com/fabulouschiq

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brio Gioielli Collection♥

Here's a sneak peek of my new collection... more sparkles and glitters coming your way!  Actually these are from Italy.  Since it was from Italy I decided to name this collection: BRIO GIOIELLI♥

BRIO means glitter, sparkle in Italian,  and GIOIELLI for jewelry... 

The Collection is very timely since it's rainy season here in Manila.. Most of the items in the collection are made of hard plastic and rubber... of course there's crystals on it to add some touch of Fabulousity!

This will be out this month at my online shop: Fabulousity by Chiq♥

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party♥

Last Sunday my nephew / god son Hans celebrated his 1st birthday.  His dad and mom chose Mickey Mouse clubhouse to Hans'party theme.  Since he loves watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse, and basically he knows Mickey Mouse.  Well, every kid has been a Mouseketeer! (Count me in! I remember having a Mickey mouse mousketeer hat when i was 5 years old) Though now I am more of a Hello Kitty lover.. i was once a mouseketeer!

Of course being a crafter, baker.. and all-around, jack of all traits person in the family... I baked, made the candy buffet for our little boy.

Since the party is at 11:00am, I baked the red velvet cupcakes Saturday night... 

Frosted the cupcakes Sunday morning finished it up with Mickey Mouse cake topper.

*Candy Buffet Table*

Chocolate coated balls & Gummies

Laby bug chocolates, Pretzels, Jelly beans

Egg chocolates, Stick-O, Chocolate coated Marshmallow with Krispies
Made the candy buffet on the day itself, went to the venue 2 hours earlier to arrange everything... ♥

This is my second love ... doing events, crafting.. homemaking...

Most of all... i did this for our little boy - Hans!♥

Monday, July 01, 2013

SLRDI 2013 Legal forum

It's my long time dream... to become a lawyer.  But i am afraid i may not be able to fulfill it at this lifetime.  Maybe if i am a little younger, i might take the plunge and enroll to law school.  Being an accountant we have 4 law subjects, Obligations and Contracts, Sales, Agencies, Partnership and Corporation, Negotiable instruments.  And i really find law subjects very interesting.

Last Saturday, June 29, 2013 at La Breza Hotel in Quezon City: our legal counsels in cooperation with the Office of our Vice President (SLRDI) conducted a seminar/legal forum in order to make the employees understand the fundamental laws in real estate.  What made me more excited was when one of the lawyers asked me to be the facilitator of the event.  I was totally overwhelmed!

Once the draft of the program was given to me, i researched a little so I will have knowledge on the subject matter that will be taken up.  Some of the topics: I am quite familiar with since I have law subjects in college.

Working and seating beside the lawyers on the panel... made me feel that I am a lawyer too! :)

Though i am used to be a part of events: since i sometimes do events planning... this time its a lot different i facilitated it... and its my first! ;)

It was a great opportunity and I would like to thank the entire SLRDI Legal team: lawyers, legal assistants and everybody! Thanks for trusting me that I am capable of doing it! :)

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