Monday, September 25, 2006

what i really wanted to be...

i really love art! colors, structures... i wanted to be an designer. when we're young we're really confused on what to take up in college... careers we want to pursue. i found myself ending up in accounting. but honestly i have learned to love my job and career path i took. but of course, there is something i really wanted to do...

i love clothes.... fashion... anything that is quite connected with it. as well as, home/interior designing.

that is why, i love collecting fashion magazines and catalogues... in order to update myself on what's the latest. honestly, there are some of my friends/relatives whom i've helped... in changing their image... well i can say, i'm kinda successful naman. which makes me feel a bit proud of myself that my style is being noticed by other people.

in our new home, we didn't hire a designer for it. together with my brother we we're the one's who put together the stuff in the house. but of course, i have the final say. and they love it. some of our relatives who came thought that we hired an interior designer and they we're amazed of the things they saw sa bahay.

in a way, i'm fulfilled na din though i didn't have formal classes about designing. at least i know i'm gifted with the talent.

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