Friday, March 14, 2008

it's all up to ME

i received a text message from a friend last night... and as they say there are times when your into a situation and doesn't know what to do ... a simple message sometimes is connected with it and helps you make a decision...

CONFLICT: the one i love or the one who loves me?


the one i love will keep me hoping but the one who loves me will offer me everything;
the one i love can give me a moment but the one who loves me can give me eternity;
the one i love can ease the pain yet the one who loves me can take that pain and own it instead;
and the one i love could break my heart and the one who loves me will do anything to rebuild it...

CHOICE: it's up to me.

"there are times we often take for granted those person who loves us... and wait for that person we conquer our world... and sometimes we regret it in the end... for not giving this other person a chance..." in our lifetime...a lot of decision have to be made... i guess we need to open our eyes and heart sometimes so we can be able to see and feel... to help us in making a choice...a choice that we'll never regret forever...

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