Saturday, March 16, 2013

Summer Arm party at Fabulousity by Chiq♥

Summer!!! Temperatures rising almost everyday... Don't let the heat affect our fashion style! This season's must-haves of course... swimwear, sunnies, sunblock, shorts... and of course bright colored accessories!  

Fabulousity by Chiq♥ offers quite a number of bright colored accessories for you!  Pile, Mix or stack them... the more bracelets the better!

Brights, neon, braids, florals... bangles, bracelets... What more can you ask for?

Tory inspired petite braided bracelets
MK inspired braided bracelets

Stella Mish mash bracelets
Stella Mish mash bracelets one of my original design for this season!♥ Stars & floral + purple & aqua combined... :)

Let's all say HELLO to summer in style!♥

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