Friday, May 03, 2013

Multiply Closing

Last year my online journal in multiply (that's why i reactivated my blogger account) said "sayonara" since according to the management they will concentrate on online selling... months after that, I received this notice from them again.  It was so sad since my online store Fabulousity by Chiq Santos♥ started there... It was August 10, 2011 when I opened my online shop.. For a first time online seller: multiply really helped me to manage my online store.  Good thing that apart from that, I made a page in Facebook for my other contacts.  Now its easier for me since I need not migrate anything. Visit Fabulousity by Chiq Santos♥  on Facebook or you can Follow me on Instagram @fabulouschq

It was really heartbreaking to say goodbye to Multiply, where my store started... 

Big thanks to Multiply... its sad that you're signing off permanently.

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