Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Dreaming about Sydney♥

Sydney Opera House
Yes, I am dreaming about going back to Sydney soon... The place is really close to my heart, aside from being the first country I have toured:  this is where some of cousins live now (they migrated there in the 80's).  

I remember when I was between 5 or 6 years old my Ninang gifted me with a musical koala doll, and from that time it became a part my wishlist to see a live koala bear.  That came true when I first went to Sydney for a holiday in 2004.  (felt like a child again... when I saw a koala at Taronga Zoo).

Three Sisters Blue Mountain
One of the breathtaking sites we went to was the Blue Mountains (Three sisters).  It was called Blue mountain because it looks bluish on the human eye.  It was also included on the World heritage list of 2000.  So if you are planning a trip down under try visiting this site.

The ferry ride going to Taronga Zoo...

and look at our feathered companion...

Finally at Taronga Zoo...

Koala Bear
City tour:

Sydney's Custom House

Harbour bridge
Queen Victoria Mall
It feels so good looking back at my last holiday Down under in 2011... Hopefully I can comeback again soon...♥

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