Monday, March 21, 2016

Goodbye my friend...♥

Last week I received a sad news that one of my "barkada" (close friends) in high school passed away.  I was in total shock and I couldn't believe it since I was just talking to her last March 3.  Same old energetic, lively and funny person: when I picked up her call.  It was quite a long conversation: "chika" (gossip) galore, catching up with each other.  We don't often see each other any more since she now lives in Bulacan.  

Though I know she had been sickly since 2010 when she was diagnosed to have diabetes, three years after she started to undergo dialysis thrice a week.  Almost blind, that is why she can no longer see  and read our updates on Facebook.  When we went to her wake this weekend, I was stunned with the stories of her husband, of how strong she was to handle her situation.  When other people on the same situation might have given up.  The husband is an OFW: her 17 years old daughter takes care of her and is the only person with her in their home.  She managed to live a normal life even in her situation.  Counted steps from bedroom going to the kitchen, bedroom to the front door and etc.  Masking tapes on the microwave oven controls for her to heat their food.  Rode motorcycles around with her daughter. Goes to the mall and rides an escalator by counting the steps.  That is why most of their neighbors did not even know that she is blind.

She was really a strong person - a fighter, even when we were in high school.  She was our defender...  Me and my barkada will surely miss her.  Life is short... we don't really know what will happen. So we must live our lives to the fullest and say I love you to the people who mattered to us every day.

To you my dear friend/sister Rowie, 

I know you are now at peace, no bodily pain... I will miss you, but I know you are now home with God.  I dedicate this post to you... In my heart you will always be remembered...
Love you my friend!♥


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