Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Planner love♥: my planner journey

I love collecting notebooks, planners since year 2000.  Love writing on them, doing doodles and etc. But as for my Starbucks planner, I don't really write on them. I just want to see them all piled up on my book shelf. Just this year, I started getting addicted in dressing up my planner.  Since I love crafting and scrap booking, a new addiction is born.  

Aside from planners and notebooks I am also into colored pens:  that became so easy for me to start decorating my planner, since I have a couple of gel pens and 2 to 3 rolls of washi tapes.  Now my craft supplies is growing: brush pens, sharpie metallic pentel pens, more washi tapes, stickers and etc .

Ever new planner's my first... and now welcome the new addition to my collection.

My very own Kate Spade Wellesley rose gold planner.  I have been dying to have this! And now I have my own.  (Will try to post a review next time)♥


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