Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party♥

Last Sunday my nephew / god son Hans celebrated his 1st birthday.  His dad and mom chose Mickey Mouse clubhouse to Hans'party theme.  Since he loves watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse, and basically he knows Mickey Mouse.  Well, every kid has been a Mouseketeer! (Count me in! I remember having a Mickey mouse mousketeer hat when i was 5 years old) Though now I am more of a Hello Kitty lover.. i was once a mouseketeer!

Of course being a crafter, baker.. and all-around, jack of all traits person in the family... I baked, made the candy buffet for our little boy.

Since the party is at 11:00am, I baked the red velvet cupcakes Saturday night... 

Frosted the cupcakes Sunday morning finished it up with Mickey Mouse cake topper.

*Candy Buffet Table*

Chocolate coated balls & Gummies

Laby bug chocolates, Pretzels, Jelly beans

Egg chocolates, Stick-O, Chocolate coated Marshmallow with Krispies
Made the candy buffet on the day itself, went to the venue 2 hours earlier to arrange everything... ♥

This is my second love ... doing events, crafting.. homemaking...

Most of all... i did this for our little boy - Hans!♥

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