Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Accessory Styling by Chiq♥

I am very thankful because all of the accessory styling that I do and share on my Instagram account were appreciated by not only my friends but also my followers whom i don't know personally.  Aside from styling them to promote the items that I sell on my online shop, i really love doing it! 

From my Lookbook on Fabulousity by Chiq now comes ... Styling by Chiq♥

This is where i share my accessory styling talent... (i believe that its a gift! i just mix everything... if it suits my eyes... i post it right away)

Here are some that garnered a couple of ♥ or likes and are regrammed...

For more accessories styling ideas... just follow my instagram @fabulouschq or like my facebook page: www.faceboook.com/fabulouschiq

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