Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Company Party♥

It was a toned-down Christmas party this year.  Without glitz and glamour!  But it was truly a fun and memorable night!  Even though a lot of companies decided not to have a party this year because of the series of calamities that our country is facing, our company's president still wanted to give back something to his beloved employees: For him it's a sign of thanksgiving to all who worked very hard for the company.

Themed: Back to 80's Party!  New wave music... and 80's rock ... really broke the house down...

One of the important highlights of our party: We won 1st price in the Christmas Caroling contest!!! Where we sang OPM christmas carols (1 day practice only)... Congratulations to my group mates!!! It was a WELL DESERVED WIN for BASE 5!

Simple yet memorable... that's how i can describe our party this year. 

Lastly before i forget: my outfit for the party #oftp (i really need to share this one-*wink!): It was inspired by Chanel's 2013 Spring Collection: 

Zara bomber jacket, LBT by Mango, Necklace: CC inspired gial pearl necklace by Fabuloustiy by Chiq♥, NYC suede wedge boots: Anthology shoes, Bag/purse: Chanel double flap calfskin

Happy holidays to all!♥

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