Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blues + Dots♥

These days netizens are so fond of doing selfies... Sad to say, I am not. :(

But I love sharing my styling on my Instagram and Facebook accounts.  

It's been a tradition here in our office to allow us to be on civilian clothes from December 16th til the 29th.  So I am really excited since I will be able to share something about my passion.

This is actually a late post: I wasn't able to go online yesterday since I am out with my cousin from Sydney. Last Tuesday, it's blue + dots! Top: Baby collar navy blue sleeveless blouson + trouser and polka dotted 3/4 blazer all from Mango. Accessories: Necklace: Stradivarious, Ring: Mango, Arm candies: Tory Burch square logo bangle +  Bvlgari half bangle bracelet and my all-time favorite vintage Bulova watch (i got this in 1995).

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