Thursday, February 06, 2014

Are you summer ready?♥

Temperature is rising! Can you feel it? Cool weather is starting to say "Sayonara" to us...  I can now feel the summer heat.  For the past weeks I've been going to work wearing the jacket I wore on my Winter holiday 2011 in Sydney... sleeping on jammies and cuddling my comforter (without the aircon or electric fan).  I know everyone will agree with me that: last weekend the "hanging amihan" was never felt in Manila... My sweat glands are so active!!! Summer is here!

Are you summer ready?  I know everyone is very excited! Though I'm not totally obsessed about summer, since I am not a beach person.  I'd rather stay in-doors than go out in the sun... But what I love about summer is the fashion: colors, trends and style!  

Here are some of my summer must haves:

1. Sunnies: I love wearing sunnies! (shades, sunglasses...whatever you call it!)  It protects our eyes from the sun... but you must always remember that if you buy sunnies be sure it has UV protection.  

2. Sunscreen: Never go out on the sun without this! Actually I also use this even I don't go outdoors.  If you're always in front of the computer or you use your ipad often you need to put some... this helps you protect your face from developing wrinkles.

3. Summer bag: For me a good summer bag should be something light: a shopper is an excellent choice!  Aside from being lightweight it's very spacious... 

4. Outfit:  Sundress, Maxi dress tops my list! I also love: simple tank or any sleeveless blouse + shorts,  Tank + Boho maxi skirt.  A nice cover up like a sarong or kimono is also one of the things that every girl should have.

5. Footwear: Flipflops, Sandals (wedge or flats) 

6. Accessories!!! Boho beads, necklaces and pile of bangles or bracelets!!! I totally ♥♥♥!  

Of course for fabulous and unique summer accessories you can visit my Fabulousity by Chiq♥ or follow me on Instagram @fabulouschq.

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