Thursday, February 20, 2014


Kimmidoll Chisato "Resourceful"

This is my current obsession Kimmidolls! Kimmidolls are "inspired by Japanese Kokeshi dolls, Kimmidolls are both precious and unique. They convey positive values and a message of love to anyone who adopts them." (

They are all so cute! (Would really make you want them all!!) 

Of course these cuties does not come cheap... A small kimmidoll figurine costs at about P395.00, the large one's at P795.00.  The Iphone 5 casing i got costs P595.00 But I really loved it!  You can find them at Rustan's department store.  

Meet Kimmidoll Naomi 1st in my collection♥
All the dolls have their own names and the values they convey... Kimmidolls Character Collection

Naomi: 'Honest Beauty' My spirit is proud and defiant
By truly loving who you are, and embracing every flaw and imperfection as part of the signature of your life, your beauty embodies my honest spirit.
May you always be proud of who you are, and stay strong and true to the real you.

Bits: These dolls are not made in Japan... they are from Australia... (so excited to go back to Sydney!!! *wink!)

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