Tuesday, April 29, 2014

St.John Paul II♥

My novena and prayer books of St.John Paul II and rosary from my Lola Luming
"Totus Tuus!" These are the words that pops in my mind when I was a kid and until now when I hear his name: Pope John Paul II.  Totus Tuus: is a Latin phrase which means "Totally yours".

I was 9 when Pope John Paul II first visited Manila.  I watched every television coverage from his first visit as well as the World youth day celebration when it was held here.  How I wish: I could see him in person. (Maybe soon I will be able to visit him in Vatican: which was my fervent wish)
He was the only pope I am aware of: maybe because he's the one I grew up knowing (in church and school) and seeing on television and newspaper.  I remember one of the coverages of ABS-CBN TV patrol during the World Youth Day celebration when he was on the Pope mobile... when I saw him tears fell down my cheeks... I felt blessed even if I was just watching him on tv.  And I love watching the re-runs of his biography, very inspiring.

When he died April 2005 I know soon, that he will become a saint.  Four years after his death in December 19, 2009 he was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI. Then just last Sunday-April 27, 2014 he was canonized as a saint by Pope Francis.

I am happy, because not in my wildest dream that in our lifetime: we will have a saint that we know, saw  (when he was alive) and experience (his works and teachings)...  Most of the saints that were canonized waited hundreds of years... like our two Filipino saints: St.Lorenzo Ruiz and St. Pedro Calungsod.

St.John Paul II intercede for us... Pray for us!

St. John Paul II... we ♥ you!

Tidbits: Novena prayer book i bought them from St.Paul Media at SM Mega mall.
            St. John Paul II feast day: October 22, (anniversary of his Papal Inauguration)*

*Feast day information from wikidepia: Pope John Paul II

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