Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cleaning your cherished Pandora♥

Let's start it this way, we all know that Pandora  bracelet and charms are made of sterling silver.  And these usually tarnish in time or easily when you don't take good care of it.  We must always remember not to put lotion, perfume, don't use it while bathing: this is actually not only for Pandora jewelries but also for plated jewelries or accessories.

After using my Pandora for a couple of months I started to notice that it's starting to lose it luster.  I researched online, on how to care and clean it.  Even though Pandora jewelries are only made of high quality sterling silver: honestly these cuties do not come cheap.  Bracelets or bangles here in Manila costs about P4,500.00 (silver) to P15,000.00 (two tone:sterling silver + 14k gold) and charms ranges from P1,920.00 to P9,000.00.  And for that price I want it to always be looking like new!

One of the articles I read is that: one can use mild soap and toothbrush to clean it or even baking soda.  But I am afraid to try that since it might ruin the bracelet. (I don't want to put solutions or chemicals since it might interact with the material)  Then another one says i should use a silver polishing cloth: well this is what I am very anxious to try.  The next problem is: Where can I buy a silver polishing cloth?  So I tried to look for one asking every jewelry store in the mall.  And I am lucky to find one at Silverworks at P50.00 for an 8cm x 8cm silver polishing cloth.  When I got home I started the cleaning...

This is how my Pandora bracelet looks like before using the Premium polishing cloth

Rub, rub, rub... and whoala! (Note: your fingers will turn black because of the powder on the polishing cloth)  It worked! Now it's shiny and regained it's luster!  Now my Pandora bracelet and charms looks sparkly clean and new! :)

After cleaning it with Premium polishing cloth
Closer look on my Pandora charm bracelet

Tidbits:  Silver polishing cloth or Premium polishing cloth is not washable.  You have to store it inside the carton case after each use.

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