Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Boheme by Snow my sister♥

"ART" runs in the family... from our dad to our little boys Lance and Hans.  We are all blessed with creative eyes and hands.  (Artistic in our own way... )  Daddy is an Engineer and draws good structures, my ate is a graduate of Fine Arts from University of Santo Tomas, both my brothers and I though we did not take art courses in college are blessed with artistic hands. (we all can draw)  Well, Architecture or Interior design was actually my first choice...but ended up in taking Accounting.  I just used my creative skills as a hobby (I am more on design and styling.. not really good in anatomy).   My nephews and niece are all artistically inclined: (Ate's children: Red is taking up Animation in Iacademy and Ysl is an incoming Visual design freshman in Miriam), (Brother's children: G studies in TIP taking up Electrical Engineering and our two little boys are now showing their love in drawing and coloring).

This artwork was given to me by my sister: it was actually a long overdue gift.  She called this one "Boheme" ( as in Bohemian )... she had a couple of paintings at home... one of my favorite was her Secret Garden (I was making her "kulit" to give that one to me but her daughter wanted it) ... When I saw this painting, I felt that it was intended for me... maybe because my sister knows me that well and the painting really reflects my personality.  I love Bohemian fashion... the accessories and styling... at the same time the symbols on the painting was like Louis Vuitton's iconic logo... which really depicts my love for bags. (*wink)

So I was right!  Last Sunday when I went to their house, this came home with me! I love it!♥

Thanks Ate!♥♥♥  (wanting for more....)

To see more of my sisters paintings: Paintings by Snow

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