Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Costume Jewels for 2015♥

Counting the days before we say Hello to 2015!  I am really excited to share this... As I have said on my previous blog entries that I really love accessories, mainly costume jewelries.  Here are my choices from the upcoming trends for 2015.  Normally, trends during the last quarter of the year continues until the first 2 months or first quarter of the new year.  This quarter we saw padlock charms not only on bracelets but also on necklaces and earrings... Well you can still use them next year.

I love arm candies stacking! Expect more of it in 2015.  Chanel introduced its "Slogan" bangles on the Paris Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2015.  Well I really adore Chanel, because of its elegant and classic pieces.  Costume jewels that will definitely not go out of style.

Tory Burch also has a similar bracelet: the Lucia Initial charm bracelet, it's a leather wrap bracelet were you can add charms on it.

Actually if you can remember in the early part of this year, Lanvin came up with it's "Statement" necklaces: "Love", "Happy" and etc.

Gold chain necklace layering, so there will be more stacking, piling and layering of accessories next year..

Moschino models paraded on the runway wearing layers of gold chain necklaces and bracelets.

Lacquer cuffs: this was Celine's take on the resin cuff of Chanel.  Chanel resin cuff bracelets comes with it's iconic cc signature logo. But of course Celine is known for it's minimalist designs. 

XXL necklaces was really eye-catching!  Very bold and versatile.  Versatile? Yes, because you can wear them on any outfit. 

Chunky chain large necklaces find them here at Fabulousity by Chiq♥ 

The mix match earrings by Dior.  Dior is really in for mix match pieces like their ever popular Mise en Dior Tribal earrings that became a worldwide craze this year.  Well I am not that crazy about earrings. Actually I cannot wear those that are not real gold, I get rashes on my ears.  That is why I don't really opt for costume earrings.  :(  I remember I asked my jeweler to custom made a Chanel earrings that I really like.  (Dangling pearl earrings with cc logo).

Rings Stack... no more statement or huge cocktail rings for next year.  Small, cutie rings for each finger.  Need to keep my cocktail rings for this year... I just don't think this kind of ring trend will be viable to me.

Accessories are like icing to your outfit.  But of course the rule is "Don't OVER-ACCESSORIZE!"   Wearing accessories are also age appropriate, don't just wear anything you want.  Don't be like a walking jewelry box or Christmas tree.  

Quick tips: On buying your costume jewelries or accessories always go for: Classic and versatile pieces. And always take care of them to retain its gorgeous appearance Costume jewelries TLC♥

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